FY18-003 Video Survelillance System

FY17-043 Floatable Ctl Pontoon Collect
FY17-041 Bus Shelters Replace/Repair
FY17-028 Towing Services
FY17-027 Asphalt Emulsion Tack Coat
FY17-026 Fire Station #1-Rehabiliation
FY17-021 Transit Fuel
FY17-018 Asbestos Abatement-CD RE
FY17-014 Concrete Repairs
FY17-013 Liquid Chlorine
FY17-012 Promotional Items
FY17-011 AC Repairs
FY17-007 General Diesel Engine Repairs
FY17-006 Rebars and Wire Mesh
FY17-005 Cementitious Mortar
FY17-004 Admin Trucks & Vehicles
FY17-003 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
FY17-002 Chevy/Dodge GM OEM Parts

FY16-078 Chevy/Dodge OEM Parts
FY16-077 HVAC Repair Services
FY16-075 Janitorial Supplies
FY16-073 Bridge Electical Supplies
FY16-072 Landscape Materials
FY16-068 Public Works Materials
FY16-064 Mechanical Joint Fittings
FY16-061 Encoded Magnetic Passes
FY16-059 Ready Mix Cement
FY16-057 Santa Fe Detention Pond
FY16-053 Tire Lease Contract-El Metro
FY16-042 Medical Supplies
FY16-041 Street Signs-Traffic Safety
FY16-040 Laredo Transit Mgmt.-Parts
FY16-036 Plumbing Supplies
FY16-034 Earthen Soil for Daily Cover
FY16-035 Rubber Couplings & Materials
FY16-032 Upper Zacate Detention Pond
FY16-016 Promotional Materials-CVB
FY16-019 Engine Oil Transit Mgt.
FY16-018 Bartlett Solar Lights
FY16-015 Lawn Maint. Equip. OEM Parts
FY16-005 Uniforms-Various Dept's

FY15-060 Gear & Police Clothing
FY15-059 Safety Footwear
FY15-048 Automotive Parts-Fire
FY15-042 Ornamental Sign Poles
FY15-037 Contract Labor
FY15-035 House Hazardous Waste
FY15-034 Disposal of Elec Waste
FY15-031 Insurance Products
FY15-025 Elevator Maint. Srvc-Transit
FY15-024 Promotional Bags
FY15-005 Bid Drawing Video
                 MOV   /   WMV
FY15-005 Promotional Materials-CVB
FY15-004 Motor Oil Lubricants
FY15-003 Portable Toilet Rental
FY15-001 Asphalt Oils Emulsions

FY14-094 Upper Zacate Detention Pond
FY14-091 Repair Services-Transit
FY14-088 HVAC Replacement Project
FY14-086 HVAC Replacement Project
FY14-085 Landscaping & Lawn Maint.
FY14-084 Water & WW Chemicals
FY14-081 Install of Blower Compressor
FY14-079 Instal Belt Filter Press
FY14-078 Masonry Wall Fence
FY14-074 Assorted Shades
FY14-072 Asbestos Abate LMHC
FY14-071 Carpet and Vinyl
FY14-057 Red Top Soil & Fill Dirt
FY14-054 Toll Collection Sys & Upgrade
FY14-051 Electrical Repair Services
FY14-050 Carpet and Vinyl Installation
FY14-049 Medical Supplies-LFD
FY14-048 Trash Collection Services
FY14-046 McNeilus OEM Parts
FY14-045 Asbestos Abatement Project
FY14-044 Dry Sludge Removal
FY14-043 Automotive Batteries-Fleet
FY14-042 Utilities-Pump Repairs
FY14-040 Rangel Baseball Lighting
FY14-039 Lubricants - Fleet
FY14-038 Sweeper OEM Parts Srvc.
FY14-037 Lubricants - Transit
FY14-035 Utilities Bio-Solids
FY14-033 Plumbing Supplies
FY14-032 Car Wash
FY14-030 Fire Department Uniforms
FY14-027 PW Solid Waste Uniforms
FY14-025 Asbestos Abatement
FY14-024 Police Car Tires
FY14-023 Swimming Pool Chemicals
FY14-022 Various Contract Labor
FY14-020 Chacon Creek Hike & Bike
FY14-021 Bridge Crane Project
FY14-019 A/C Repairs Truck Equip.
FY14-018 Administrative Vehicles
FY14-017 Diesel Engine Repair
FY14-016 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
FY14-015 Crushed Limestone Rock
FY14-014 Frabricated Hydraulic Hoses
FY14-013 Cementitious Concrete
FY14-012 Plumbing Supplies
FY14-011 Asphalt Oils Emulsions
FY14-009 Auctioneering Services
FY14-008 Chrysler-GM OEM Parts
FY14-007 CAT OEM Parts
FY14-006 Microcuvettes Health Dept.
FY14-004 Police Dept Uniforms Dry Cln
FY14-003 PD Uniform Laundry Srvc.
FY14-002 Case, CAT, J Deere Service
FY14-001 Office Supplies

FY13-075 Santa Fe Maintenance
FY13-074 CNG Bi-Fuel Conversion
FY13-072 McNeilus OEM Parts
FY13-071 Couplings, PVC Pipe
FY13-070 Cement Concrete Mix
FY13-069 Storm Sewer Rehab
FY13-068 Info. & Electrical Controls
FY13-067 Reinforcing Steel
FY13-064 Sedans and Trucks
FY13-063 Magnetic Micro Drive Gates
FY13-062 Rebar Wire Mesh
FY13-061 MJ Fittings - UT
FY13-060 Fleet Truck OEM Parts
FY13-059 Trucks-Police Dept.
FY13-058 Transport Disposal Leachate
FY13-056 PW Materials
FY13-055 UT-Fire Hydrants
FY13-054 Med-HD Truck OEM Parts
FY13-053 Ready Mix Cement
FY13-052 LEA Tables & Chairs
FY13-051 CS Agents - Airport
FY13-045 Pager Services
FY13-044 Law Enforcement Motorcycles
FY13-043 Manadas North Creek
FY13-042 Manadas Creek
FY13-041 Zacate Creek
FY13-039 UT Concrete
FY13-036 Alt Daily Cover Landfill
FY13-035 Aluminum End Dump Trailer
FY13-034 Disposal of Lechate
FY13-033 Demolition Services
FY13-031 Tennis Basketball Lighting
FY13-029 Harley Parts - Service
FY13-028 PVC Pipe
FY13-026 Wood Grinding
FY13-025 Uniforms-Parks/Solid Waste
FY13-024 Earthen Soil-SW
FY13-021 Tractor Tires
FY13-020 A/C Cooling Tower Repair
FY13-019 Truck Tires
FY13-017 Manadas Creek Maint.
FY13-016 LED Lights
FY13-015 Manadas Creek North
FY13-014 Zacate Creek North
FY13-013 Administrative Vehicles
FY13-009 Little Theater
FY13-008 UT PVC Pipe
FY13-007 Ford Parts
FY13-005 Sale of Scrap Metal
FY13-003 CVB Promo
FY13-001 Fleet Car Wash

FY12-101 Security Guard Services
FY12-099 Janitorial Supplies
FY12-098 Replacement of Milmo Pump
FY12-097 Contract Labor
FY12-096 Transit Fuel
FY12-095 Fleet Fuel
FY12-094 Hauling Disposal of Bio Solids
FY12-093 Cementitious Concrete
FY12-092 Butterfly Valves & Iron Fitting
FY12-091 Council Chamber Updates
FY12-090 Blue Bags
FY12-088 Diesel Engine Overhaul Svr.
FY12-087 UT Cleaning WWater Backups
FY12-084 Security Guard Services
FY12-082 Rebars & Wire Mesh
FY12-081 Feral Hog Fence Install
FY12-080 Ceiling Lighting 3 Pts
FY12-079 Electrical Repairs Bridge 1
FY12-077 New Seating for LL Theater
FY12-075 Police Dept. Ammunition
FY12-073 Cement Concrete Mix
FY12-071 Admin Vehicles-Police Dept
FY12-070 Wrecker Truck Transit Dept.
FY12-069 Comp MJC Fittings
FY12-068 LMHC Demolition
FY12-065 Fire Annual Janitorial Srvc
FY12-063 Portable Toilets
FY12-062 Public Works Materials
FY12-061 Auto Truck Body Repair
FY12-060 Cleaning WWater Backups
FY12-058 Lab Analytical Testing
FY12-057 Ready Mix Cement
FY12-056 PVC Pipe Fittings
FY12-053 CCESQG Collection Events
FY12-052 Police Tires
FY12-051 CVB Promotional Material
FY12-050 UT Lawn Landscaping
FY12-049 Drive-Up Banking System
FY12-048 Red Top Soil and Fill Dirt
FY12-047 Swimming Pool Chemicals
FY12-046 Maint Motorola & Moto Mesh
FY12-045 Ball Park POS
FY12-044 Fire Dept Office Furniture
FY12-043 Baseball Park Furniture
FY12-041 Asphalt Type D-Revised
FY12-040 Ready Mix Cement
FY12-039 Motor Oil & Lubricant
FY12-038 Footwear Safety
FY12-037 Bank Courier Services
FY12-036 Santo NiƱo Play Structure
FY12-035 Landscaping Services
FY12-034 Medical Supplies-Fire Dept.
FY12-033 Assorted Grass Seeds
FY12-032 Automotive Parts-LTM
FY12-031 Automotive Batteries
FY12-030 Automotive Parts-Fleet
FY12-029 Variable Frequency Drive UT
FY12-028 Copier Contract
FY12-025 Material Storage Canopy
FY12-027 Motor Oil Lubricants
FY12-026 Concrete Repairs
FY12-024 Recycling Blue Bags
FY12-022 PD Admin Vehicles
FY12-021 Tractor Heavy Eq Tires
FY12-020 CVB Promo Materials
FY12-019 Recapped Tires
FY12-018 Epoxy Trailer UT
FY12-017 Adm. Vehicles A
FY12-016 Folklift-Utilities
FY12-015 Processing & Marketing
FY12-014 Janitorial Services
FY12-013 Traffic Electrical Services
FY12-012 Maint of Illum System
FY12-011 Concession Services
FY12-010 Truck Tires
FY12-009 VOIP Phone System
FY12-008 Fire Data Storage
FY12-006 Network Equip-Fire Dept
FY12-005 Network Cable
FY12-004 Cold Water Meters
FY12-002 Electrical Wire Materials
FY12-001 Asphalt Oils & Emulsions
FY11-113 Refrigerated Facilities
FY11-112 Sale of Scrap Metal
Airport Concrete Rubble
Car Wash Services
Rubber Couplings
Automotive Batteries
FY11-104 PD Uniform Cleaning
FY11-103 PD Dry Cleaning
FY11-102 Plumbing Supplies
FY11-101 Dump Truck
FY11-100 Light Sys Base 6 Field
FY11-097 Chem Storage Tank Slabs
FY11-096 Auto Fuel Transit Mgmt.
FY11-095 Fuel Fleet
FY11-094 Dust Mops
FY11-092 DVAS-Evaluation Pricing
FY11-091 Upper Zacate Det Pond
FY11-089 Electrical Controls
FY11-088 Motor Oil & Lubricants
FY11-085 Flexible Base Sand
FY11-084 Roof Replacement
FY11-082 Scrap Metal
FY11-081 Used Oil Filter Disposal
FY11-077 Roll Off Trailer & Cont
FY11-076 Assorted Shades
FY11-075 HD Pet Elec ID System
FY11-073 Odor Control Project
FY11-072 Hauling Disposal
FY11-071 Fire Hydrants
FY11-068 PVC Pipe
FY11-067 Auto Body Shop Repairs
FY11-066 Windshield Back Glass
FY11-065 MJ Fittings Valve Boxes
FY11-064 Asphalt Cold Laid Blk
FY11-062 Recycling Blue Bags
FY11-060 Wrecker Truck
FY11-059 UT Welding
FY11-058 Magnetic Tickets
FY11-057 WAP Assessor
FY11-056 Upgrades CNG Comp
FY11-055 Electrical Supplies
FY11-054 Truck Tractor Vacuum
FY11-052 Roof Replacement CC
FY11-051 PD Reg Passenger Tires
FY11-050 Tire Disposal Srvc
FY11-049 PW Materials
FY11-048 UT Lawn Landscaping
FY11-047 Safety Supply
FY11-046 UT Electrical Wire
FY11-045 Vehicles Police
FY11-044 Wrecker Truck
FY11-043 Trash Collection
FY11-040 General Parts
FY11-036 Pool Chemicals
FY11-035 Bridge Spike Sys
FY11-034 Food Beverage
FY11-033 CC Cantera Tile
FY11-032 Manadas Creek
FY11-029 Rebars & Wire Mesh
FY11-028 Transit Real Time
FY11-027 Hauling Loading
FY11-026 Fleet CAT JDeere
FY11-025 Air Condition Srvc
FY11-024 OEM St Sweeper
FY11-022 Admin Trucks
FY11-021 Recapped Tires
FY11-020 Bridge Landscape
FY11-019 Welding Gases
FY11-018 Safety Footwear
FY11-017 Solid Waste Earthen
FY11-016 Vacuum Truck Srvc
FY11-015 UT Water Chemicals
FY11-014 Fleet Auto Parts
FY11-013 Promo Material
FY11-012 Red Top Soil & Fill Dirt
FY11-010 SW Wood Grinding Srvc
FY11-009 OEM Lawn Equipment
FY11-008 Zacate Creek
FY11-006 Maintenance of Illum
FY11-005 Motor Oil & Lubrication
FY11-003 Traffic Electrical Services
FY11-002 Airport Fence Installation