According to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidelines, the minimum service requirement for transit buses is 12 years or 500,000 miles, twenty percent of the forty-seven buses the city has in operation are more than fourteen years old. In 2011, eighty-one percent of the transit fleet will be over their designated life span. In Laredo, thousands of people that ride the Metro bus are people from low income households and transit dependent that cannot afford a personal vehicle which includes visitors from our sister city in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The high demand and utilization of the Metro buses has taken a high toll on our existing equipment resulting replacement of buses a priority. Additional capital funding will be needed to purchase buses. If we do not replace the current buses when eligible, the level of customer service currently provided will create dissatisfaction to the riders that depend and use public transportation.

Target Agency

Federal Transit Administration


Jesus Olivares
Assistant City Manager

Laredo Transit Management, Inc.
1301 Farragut
Laredo, Texas 78040

Telephone: (956) 795-2288
Fax: (956) 795-2258


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