Code Enforcement


Essential to maintaining our City’s livability are efforts to keep neighborhoods clean and free of blighting influences. CD’s Code Enforcement Officers, (licensed by the state), monitor and ensure compliance with City ordinances pertaining to weeds, nuisances, junked vehicles, illegal dumping, graffiti and other detrimental conditions with impact the health and safety of community residents. Code officers conduct inspections daily and follow-up with verbal and written warnings. Many residents are not aware of existing ordinances; consequently, code officers dedicate much of their time to educating residents regarding the need and importance of maintaining their properties. Citations are issued to property owners who continue to be in non-compliance.

Graffiti removal is also an important component of the Code Enforcement Division. There is one staff person assigned who regularly removes unsightly markings on bridges, sidewalks, and other public facilities.

Ordinances Enforced

Nuisance, Weed and Brush Control Procedure:

Chapter 15, Article III. Sections 15-37 thru Section 15-46 of the Code of Ordinance

Illegal Dumping:

Chapter 14. Article I, Section 14-5.

Junked Vehicle Procedure:

Chapter 14, Article II, Section 14-21 thru Section 14-29 of the Code of Ordinance.