Downtown Laredo was historically the heart of our city. It was a thriving business, entertainment, and government center that drew the residents of Laredo. Over time, our city has grown in all directions and the downtown area has experienced a slow decline. Through the cooperation of the City of Laredo and Laredo Main Street, the Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program was created to rekindle interest in Downtown Laredo. The City of Laredo will provide up to $15,000 in matching funds through this grant opportunity to commercial property owners and business owners in the Laredo Main Street District, Arts and Entertainment District, and Central Business District to encourage restoration of building facades and to enhance the buildings overall exterior appearance. Grant funds will be matched 100% by the business owner.

The grants are funded by the City of Laredo Community Development Department (CD) using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The funding is made possible through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Provision of the assistance is contingent upon the creation and/or retention of jobs, compliance with design guidelines, and private sector matching funds.

The purpose of the Downtown Façade Improvement Grant Program is to

1.  Reverse the deterioration of the commercial structures in the targeted areas.
2.  Enhance efforts to market downtown properties and attract new businesses.
3.  Stimulate new, private investment and economic growth.
4.  Promote consistency in design and create a fresh and aesthetically pleasing
5.  Assist property owners with the appropriate exterior rehabilitation of their
     buildings and bring them up to code.
6.  Invest in historic preservation and rehabilitation.