City of Laredo Fire Department





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Training Manual Slides


Lesson 1 (30k) Permit Application Form (7k)
Lesson 2 (36k) Request for Variance from Secondary Containment Form (5k)
Lesson 3 (42k) Appeal of Application Denial (4k)
Lesson 4 (32k) HMIS Instructions (4k)
Lesson 5 (85k) HMIS Top Form (7k)
Lesson 6 (54k) HMIS Form 1 (4k)
Lesson 7 (22k) HMIS Form 2 (7k)
Lesson 8 (10k) HMIS Form 3 (7k)
HMIS Continuation Sheet (5k)
Discharge Reporting Procedures (18k)
DOT Form F 5800.1 (Rev. 6/89) (95k)
Emergency Response Plan Preparation Guide (23k)
Employee Training Records Guide (8k)
Compliance Inspection Worksheet (21k)

Guidance Manual

Cover, Table of Contents, Chapters 1-9, Appendix A, Appendix B, Index (544k)