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The mission of the Laredo Active Living Mayor’s Wellness Council is to promote nutrition, physical activity, and prevention simultaneously at all levels, for the individual, for families, within institutions and organizations, and through public policy and environmental change.
The vision of Laredo Active Living Mayor’s Wellness Council is to promote and support healthy places to live, work and play. 



According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are many benefits of physical activity. Physical benefits include weight control, and a reduction of the risks for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. Physical activity also helps build muscle and strengthen bones.  Mental benefits include an improvement in mental health and mood. Furthermore, regular physical activity increases the chances of having a longer and healthier life.1
Sedentary behavior, regardless of physical activity, is also linked with a significant increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as obesity. Therefore, it is not enough to avoid physical inactivity, but to simultaneously limit sedentary behavior.2
The 2015 County Health Rankings identify 31% of Webb County residents as obese, 17% as smokers, 27% as physically inactive, with a total of 35% medically uninsured; all of these statistics are higher than state and nationwide averages12.  In 2012, the percentage of adults who have diabetes in the Laredo Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was 23% compared to 11% for the State of Texas.  This fact translates to the annual per 100,000 number of deaths attributed to Diabetes of 55 in Laredo’s MSA compared to 23 for the State of Texas8.  The Texas State Data Center has released projections for diabetes incidence and Webb County is expected to experience a 243% increase over the 2000-2040 period potentially increasing both morbidity and mortality levels11. 
As such, the recommendations listed in the Laredo Active Living Plan focus on the key areas of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Prevention. It is our goal to create a tool that documents healthy living as a priority for the community of Laredo. 
The target audience for the Laredo Active Living Plan includes policy and decision makers, physical activity practitioners and advocates, healthcare providers, educators and students, and anyone interested in creating a healthier community.
Priority Areas and Goals
There are three priority areas (or strategies) for Laredo.  These include:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Prevention 

These priority areas have been selected after various meetings with a variety of stakeholders and community representatives from Laredo.



Laredo Active Living Mayor’s Wellness Council members are volunteers who have multiple levels of health and wellness knowledge of Laredo. Through their direction, we have been able to focus our efforts into the priority areas of our community.
The Laredo Active Living Plan was made possible because of the leadership of the following community partners:
Business & Industry

Julie Bazan – Area Health Education Center
Roberto Cuellar, Jr. – Laredo Independent School District Foodservice

Sister Rosemary Welsh, RSM – Mercy Ministries of Laredo/Casa Esperanza
Sister Maria Luisa Vera, RSM – Mercy Ministries of Laredo/Casa Esperanza
Chris Hughes – Laredo Fire Department
Judy Martinez – Doctors Hospital Laredo

Mass Media
Adrian Zapata, VarCity
Karen Gaytan, VarCity

Parks, Recreation, Fitness, & Sports
Osvaldo Guzman – City of Laredo Parks & Leisure
Anita Stanley – City of Laredo Parks & Leisure
Rob Garza - G7 Athletics

Public Health
Calixto Seca, Jr. – Texas DSHS OBH
Jaime Arizpe – Health & Human Services Commission Office of Border Affairs
Nora Martinez – City of Laredo Health Department (Chair)
Erika M. Juarez – City of Laredo Health Department
Guillermo Walls – City of Laredo Health Department
Rebekah Alvarez, MS, RD – City of Laredo Health Department
Miguel Berry – Consultant

Transportation, Land Use, & Community Design


Physical Activity
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