About Us

Composition:  18 members - Mayor and Council shall appoint 2 each.
Created:  By motion on April 18, 1994 and Resolution 95-R-046 dated March 6, 1995 adopting
                 the bylaws.
General Powers and Duties:   To identify the needs and concerns of women by developing and
                 accessing strategies including community outreach activities, public-private partnerships,
                 coordination of community and state resources, to recommend assistance and services
                 to improve the status of women in Laredo; and to develop a Hall of Fame for women and
                 programs to honor and promote women during Women's History Month in March.
Meeting Time and Place:  The Commission shall meet once a month or at the call of the Chair.
                 The time and place will be designated by the Chair.
By-Laws:  Click Here to View
History:  Click Here to View
Staff Liaison:  
 Amy J. Sanchez   /   (956) 791-7399   /   asanchez4@ci.laredo.tx.us

Current Members
Representing the Mayor
Dolores Boswell
Raquel Sepulveda Juarez
Representing Cm. Mike Garza - District I
Representing Cm. Esteban Rangel - District II
Cordelia Flores Jackson
Judith Wawroski
Monika Cavazos
Representing Cm. Alejandro Perez Jr - District III
Representing Cm. Juan Narvaez - District IV

Patricia Garcia
Maria Elena Guantos
Representing Cm. Johnny Rendon - District V
Representing Cm. Charlie San Miguel - District VI
Alice Herrera
Frances Wawroski
Diana Rodriguez

Representing Cm. Jorge Vera - District VII
Representing Cm. Cindy L. Espinoza- District VIII
Gail Leyendecker
Sylvia Palumbo