Census Data Maps

Provides information pertaining to maps derived from the U.S. Census Bureau- TIGER 2000 data.
Texas State Data Center: functions as a focal point for the distribution of Census information for Texas. The Center also disseminates population estimates and projections for Texas, as well as other information from the federal government, state government, and other sources.
U.S. Census Bureau American Factfinder: Browse reports and thematic maps on population trends, age, income, and a variety of other socioeconomic indicators collected by the U.S. Census Bureau.http://txsdc.utsa.edu/http://www.census.gov/http://factfinder.census.gov/home/saff/main.html?_lang=enshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2


Provides information on U.S. Census Bureau Census tracts.


Provides information on U.S. Census Bureau Population, as per Census 2000 published data


Provides information on U.S. Census Bureau Census Block Groups

2000 vs 2010 Data

Population change at census tract level. Compares the 2000 tract information to the new 2010 data.