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Laredo Municipal Court
4610 Maher Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78042





Request for Dismissal Options

You may request a dismissal of your citation if you are charged with the following offenses:

    1. Driving with Expired Registration
    2. Driving with Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI)
    3. Driving with Expired Drivers License

Your request may be as soon as the citation has been filed with the court or on your scheduled court date.

You may make your request in the following ways:

    1. In person at the Court Clerk's office
    2. By mail to: Municipal Court Building

Laredo Municipal Court
P.O. Box 579
Laredo, Texas 78042

Upon request for dismissal of your citation, you must pay a $20.00 dismissal fee and submit proof that the offense for which you have been charged has been corrected. (Copy of renewed registration-) inspection sticker, renewed drivers license.

If you have been charged with expired inspection or registration, the defect must have been remedied within 10 working days and not have been expired for more than 60 days.

The offenses of No Valid Drivers License and No Valid Proof of Vehicle Liability Insurance also qualify for the Dismissal request if the following conditions are met:

  1. No Valid Drivers License: Proof submitted that you did have a valid drivers license on the day you were ticketed and a $10.00 dismissal fee.
  2. No Valid Proof of Vehicle Liability Insurance: Proof submitted that you were covered by a valid policy of vehicle liability insurance on the date and time of the offense. The information provided must contain the following information, and will be verified by the Court. Should the proof prove to be invalid you will be sent a Court date in order to appear before the Judge and give your reason(s) why the coverage was not valid.
  1. The name, address and telephone number of the insurer;
  2. The name and address of the named insured;
  3. The policy number;
  4. The effective and expiration dates of the policy;
  5. The make and model of the covered vehicle;
  6. A statement that the policy meets the minimum amounts of vehicle liability insurance required by the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.

NOTE: In requesting any of the above Dismissal Options, you must enter a Plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere.

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