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Laredo Municipal Court
4610 Maher Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78042

Email: tochoa@ci.laredo.tx.us




Everyone has the option to pay the fine for the offense. If you pay the fine, the judge will assume a plea of "No contest", will enter a judgment of guilty on your record, and report the offense to DPS in Austin to be included on your driving record.

Payment may be made by cash, cashiers check, or money order and by personal check if the case is not in warrant status. If there is an active warrant of arrest on your case, you can only pay by cash, cashiers check, or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL.

Make checks payable to "City of Laredo Municipal Court." You may review the fine amounts for the most frequently used violations on this website. If you do not find your offense code, call 956-794-1680, to obtain the fine amount. Have your ticket number to give to the clerk who answers the telephone.

Be sure to read all the information provided for you about options available before you pay your fine. Information is available on the back of your pink copy.

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