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Laredo Municipal Court
4610 Maher Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78042

Email: tochoa@ci.laredo.tx.us




If you are unable to pay your fines within 30 days after the fines are assessed, you may request a payment plan. An additional $25.00 will be added to each case. The Court personnel will allow appropriate length of time to pay the fines and fees depending upon the amount owed. For making payment plan arrangements, you must visit the Municipal Court Office. You will be required to pay an initial $50.00 payment of the amount due as a down payment and sign the payment plan agreement for the remaining amount and continue to pay a minimum of $50.00 every thirty days until the balance is paid in full.

Signing a payment plan agreement will put a hold on the warrant in cases where a warrant of arrest has been issued. As long as you make your scheduled payments, you will not be arrested. Failure to pay the fines as scheduled results in the warrant becoming active again and a $50.00 warrant fee, per case, will be added.

For further information on the payment plan click here.

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