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Laredo Municipal Court
4610 Maher Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78042

Email: tochoa@ci.laredo.tx.us




You may enter a plea of Not Guilty with the court as soon as the citation has been filed with the court or on your scheduled court date. You may make your request at the Court Clerk's Office or in writing. Upon receiving your request, your case(s) will be placed on a pre-trial docket. At your hearing you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Review the complaint filed against you;
    2. Meet with the City Prosecutor to review the merits of your case;
    3. If you are eligible, the City Prosecutor may offer a plea-bargain.

You have an absolute right to a trial and you do not have to accept any Plea Bargain the City Prosecutor might offer. At your trial, you will be found either Guilty or Not Guilty. If you are found Guilty, the Jury or Judge will determine the fine amount.

Click here for the form for requesting this option.

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