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"NOTICE" A conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this state or a political subdivision of this state may result in the assessment on your driver's license of a surcharge under the Driver Responsibility Program.

Driver Responsibility Law
(House Bill 3588)

Effective September 1, 2003

Class C- Misdemeanors

2 points for a moving violation conviction in Texas or any other state

3 Points for a moving violation conviction in Texas or any other state that resulted from an accident

Exclusions- Speeding less than 10 miles over limit and seat belt violations.

Notice- Points remain on the record for 3 yrs


Department of Public Safety will assess a surcharge when a driver accumulates a total of 6 points or more during a 3 yr period.

• $100.00 surcharge for the first 6 points
• $25.00 each additional point


• $260.00 surcharge for no insurance violations to be paid annually per year for 3 years
• $104.00 surcharge for invalid or suspended driver’s license violations to be paid per yr for 3 years

D.P.S. will notify the defendant of the assessment of a surcharge on their license, via first class mail. Driver’s, who do not pay their surcharge within 30 days after the notice is sent, will have their license revoked. The license will remain revoked until the person pays all surcharges and related costs.



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