May 13, 2002

12:30 P.M.


I.          Call to Order


            With a quorum present, Mayor Elizabeth G.  Flores called the meeting to order.


II.        Pledge of Allegiance


            Mayor Elizabeth G.  Flores led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


III.       Roll Call


            In attendance:


            Elizabeth G.  Flores,                                                                 Mayor

            Alfredo Agredano,                                                                    Council Member, District I

            Louis H.  Bruni,                                                                        Council Member, District II

            Johnny Amaya,                                                                         Council Member, District IV

            Eliseo Valdez, Jr.,                                                                     Mayor Pro Tempore, District V

            Joe A.  Guerra,                                                                         Council Member, District VI

            Jose A.  Valdez, Jr.,                                                                 Council Member, District VII

            Juan Ramirez,                                                                           Council Member, District VIII

            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.,                                                               City Secretary

            Larry Dovalina,                                                                         City Manager

            Valeria Acevedo,                                                                      City Attorney


            Motion to excuse Cm.  Galo.


            Moved:  Cm.  Guerra

            Second:  Mayor Pro Tempore Valdez

            For:     7                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


Motion to recess as City Council and convene as Laredo City Water Local Government Corporation.


Moved:  Mayor Pro Tempore Valdez

Second:  Cm.  Amaya

For:     7                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0




IV.       Resolution


1.  2002-RW-003  Authorizing the President of the Laredo City Water Local Government

Corporation (“LWC”) to expand the Advanced Authorization to Proceed (“AATP”) agreement with MWH Americas, Inc. for interim work and extend AATP for 120 days to finalize negotiations for the Secondary Water Supply Agreement.


Larry Dovalina, City Manager, reported that staff is anxious to expedite the final negotiations for the secondary water supply; however, he feels that a 60 day extension will be beneficial for the City.    


Cm.  Guerra voiced his disappointment in the request to postpone  negotiations for the secondary water source. 


Mayor Flores read the following:


“The City of Laredo, in working to develop a secondary water supply, established the Laredo City Water Local Government Corporation.  This corporation will assist in acquiring the secondary water supply.  This advanced authorization to proceed agreement allowed the MWH Americas to begin the initial verification of the proposed secondary water supply for a period of 60 days.  While the corporation and MWH Americas finalize the negotiations on the secondary water supply agreement.  The City of Laredo and MWH Americas recommend the expansion of the agreement in order to identify other potential sites provide more alternatives in the project allow the project to be constructed in phases and minimize the technical and financial risk to the tax payers.”


Cm.  Bruni voiced his frustration and dissatisfaction with postponing the final negotiation for the secondary water supply. 


Heberto Ramirez, Interim Utilities Director, reported that City staff monitors the water production daily and they are not considering conservation at this time. 


Cm.  J. Valdez applauded the efforts of the Council Members that have focused on the secondary water source and assured the public that the Council will continue to press forward on the issue.  He noted the importance of all border cities joining in a resolution to conserve water.       


Motion to approve Resolution 2002-RW-003 which will allow a 60 day extension period.  A comprehensive report with recommendations from Montgomery Watson shall be given at the June 3, 2002 City Council meeting.  


Moved:  Cm.  Bruni

Second:  Cm.  Ramirez

For:     7                              Against:  1                                Abstain:  0

Cm. Guerra


V.        Executive Session


The City Council hereby reserves the right to go into the Executive Session at any time during this public meeting, if such is requested by the City Attorney or other legal counsel for the City, pursuant to his or her duty under Section 551.071 (2) of the Government Code, to consult privately with his or her client on an item on the agenda, or on a matter arising out of such item.


VI.       Adjournment


Motion to adjourn as Laredo City Water Government Corporation and reconvene as City Council and motion to adjourn.


            Moved:  Cm.  Agredano

            Second:  Cm.  Amaya

            For:     7                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


I, Gustavo Guevara, Jr., City Secretary, do hereby certify that the above minutes contained in pages 01 to 03 are true, complete and correct proceedings of the City Council meeting held on May 13, 2002.





                                                Gustavo Guevara, Jr.

                                                City Secretary