September 20, 2004

12:15 p.m.


I.          CALL TO ORDER


            With a quorum present, Cm.  Agredano called the meeting to order.



            Cm.  Agredano led in the Pledge of Allegiance.




            In attendance:


            Alfredo Agredano,                                                                    Council Member, District I

            Hector Garcia,                                                                          Council Member, District II

            Johnny Rendon                                                                         Council Member, District V

            Gene Belmares,                                                                        Council Member, District VI

            Jose A.  Valdez, Jr.,                                                                 Council Member, District VII

            Juan Ramirez,                                                                           Council Member, District VIII

            Donna Magnon                                                                         Deputy IV Secretary’s Office

            Larry Dovalina,                                                                         City Manager

            Cynthia Collazo,                                                                       Deputy City Manager

            Jaime Flores,                                                                            City Attorney


            Motion to excuse Mayor Flores, Mayor Pro Tempore Amaya, and Cm.  Galo.


            Moved:  Cm.  Ramirez

            Second:  Cm.  Valdez

            For:     5                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0




            1.  Public hearing and introductory ordinance amending the City of Laredo FY 2003-2004             annual budget by appropriating revenues and expenditures in the amount of $35,000.00                  from the Texas Department of State Health Services (formerly Texas Department of                  Health) for the Office of Border Health: Buena Vida Project of the City of Laredo Health              Department for the period beginning September 1, 2004 through August 31, 2005. 


                 Motion to open the public hearing.




                 Moved:  Cm.  Belmares

                 Second:  Cm. Valdez

                 For:      5                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


                 There was no public input.


                 Motion to close the public hearing and introduce.


                 Moved:  Cm.  Valdez

                 Second:  Cm.  Garcia

                 For:      5                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


                 Ordinance Introduction:  City Council




            2.  Providing for the adoption of a tax rate of $0.637000 per $100.00 value with a       

                 Maintenance and Operation rate of $0.508677 per $100.00 value and an Interest and                           Sinking fund rate of $0.128323 per $100.00 value and for the levy and the collection of             General and Special Ad Valorem Taxes for the City of Laredo for the Tax Year 2004                    and the Fiscal Year 2004 - 2005.


                 Ordinance Introduction:  City Council


3.  Closing as public easements those sections of Arkansas Avenue between Napoleon and

Boulanger Streets; and Bismark Street between Louisiana and New York Avenues both situated in the Eastern Division, City of Laredo, Webb County, Texas, and providing for an effective date.


Ordinance Introduction:  City Council


4.  Authorizing the City Manager to convey to Laredo Independent School District (1)

Blocks 972 & 989, Western Division, & Blocks 301, 1399, 1503, 810, 1728, 302, 1400, 801, 1622, & 1504, Eastern Division and (2) the following closed streets: (a) Seymour Avenue between Grant Street & Mercer Street; (b) Loring Avenue between Green Street & Mercer Street; (c) Milmo Avenue between Clark Street & Musser Street; (d) Gustavus Street between Martin Avenue & Texas Avenue; (e) Maryland Avenue between Clark Boulevard & O’Kane Street; & (f) Arkansas Avenue between Bismark Street & Napoleon Street; & providing for effective date. 


There is a correction to the agenda which should read (a) Seymour Avenue between Green Street and Mercer Street


Ordinance Introduction:  City Council




5.  Approval of the logo for the 250th Anniversary Celebration of the City of Laredo.


     Motion to approve with the amendment to add a bridge to the logo.


     Moved:  Cm.  Garcia

     Second:  Cm.  Belmares

     For:      5                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0

6.  Ratification of the approval of a contract with Ellis & Ellis Inc., Laredo, Texas, in the

lump sum amount of $70,000.00 for emergency repairs of the drainage system located at 100 Santa Cleotilde adjacent to the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel. The drainage system collapsed on September 8, 2004 due to the heavy rain and the age and deteriorating condition of the 9' 6" metal corrugated pipe situated approximately 25' below the street surface. The collapsed system poses an immediate danger to the traveling public and neighborhood residents.  Funding is available in the NPDES Fund, Maintenance: Building and Other Improvements.


     Motion to approve.


     Moved:  Cm.  Garcia

     Second:  Cm.  Belmares

     For:      5                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0



The City Council hereby reserves the right to go into executive session at any time during this public meeting, if such is requested by the City Attorney or other legal counsel for the City, pursuant to his or her duty under Section 551.071(2) of the Government Code, to consult privately with his or her client on an item on the agenda, or on a matter arising out of such item.




            Motion to adjourn.                                                                                            12:20 p.m.


            Moved:  Cm.  Ramirez

            Second:  Cm.  Garcia

            For:     5                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0

I, Gustavo Guevara, Jr., City Secretary do hereby  certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes contained in pages 01 to 03 are true, complete, and correct proceedings of the City Council meeting held on September 20, 2004.




                                                            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.

      City Secretary