AUGUST 10, 2004

5:30 P.M.


I.          CALL TO ORDER


            With a quorum present, Mayor Elizabeth G.  Flores called the meeting to order.

II.        ROLL CALL


            In attendance:


            Elizabeth G.  Flores,                                                                 Mayor

            Alfredo Agredano,                                                                    Council Member, District I

            John C.  Galo,                                                                          Council Member, District III

            Johnny Amaya,                                                                         Mayor Pro Tem, District IV

            Johnny Rendon                                                                         Council Member, District V

            Gene Belmares,                                                                        Council Member, District VI

            Jose A.  Valdez, Jr.,                                                                 Council Member, District VII

            Juan Ramirez,                                                                           Council Member, District VIII

            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.,                                                               City Secretary

            Larry Dovalina,                                                                         City Manager

            Cynthia Collazo,                                                                       Deputy City Manager

            Jaime Flores,                                                                            City Attorney


            Motion to excuse Cm.  Garcia


            Moved:  Cm.  Galo

            Second:  Cm.  Amaya

            For:     7                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0




            Mayor Flores led in the Pledge of Allegiance.













            A.  Introduction of the budget by City Manager Larry Dovalina, including budget process,               vision and goals, debt service, financial policies and proposed personnel changes.


                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.

            B.  Ad-valorem tax rate.


                  This item was discussed on August 9, 2004

            C.  Personnel issues, including proposed employee pay plan and employee health and

                  benefits plan.


                  This item was discussed on August 9, 2004

            D.  Proposed General Fund highlights.


                  This item was discussed on August 9, 2004

E.  Engineering/Public Works Department funding and operations, and status of

      construction projects.


                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004

F.  Bridge Department  funding and operations.


                  This item was discussed on August 9, 2004

G.  Fire Department funding and operations, including the Laredo International Fire and

      Law Enforcement Training Facility.


      Fire Chief Sosa gave the following presentation:


      Major Accomplishments Fiscal Year 2003-2004


      Ground Breaking for Fire Station # 14 (Cielito Lindo)

      Ordered Fire Engine # 9 (Mines Rd.)

      In process of expanding the Airport Fire Station

      Ordered a new ambulance for Fire Station # 9

      Ordered a new ambulance for Fire Station # 14


      Significant Performance Measures


      EMS Responses


      FY01-02                            FY02-03                      FY03-04                      FY04-05

      Actual                                Actual                          Estimated                     Projected

      15,575                               15,419                         15,650                         15,884


      Total Patients

      FY01-02                            FY02-03                      FY03-04                      FY04-05

      Actual                                Actual                          Estimated                     Projected

      19,727                               20,529                         21,144                         21,778


      Fire Responses


      FY01-02                            FY02-03                      FY03-04                      FY04-05

      Actual                                Actual                          Estimated                     Projected

      9,837                                 10,949                         11,315                         12,100


      Hazardous Materials Emergencies


      FY01-02                            FY02-03                      FY03-04                      FY04-05

      Actual                                Actual                          Estimated                     Projected

      15                                      10                                7                                  4


      Fire Inspections

                                                02/03                           03/04                           04/05

      Fire Inspections                  3300                            3320                            3400

      Fire Investigations               224                              198                              210

      Plat/Plan Reviews               203                              600                              650

      Revenue Generated            $149,488                     $165,800                     $170,000


      Laredo International Fire/Law Enforcement Training Center


Due to the Regulation and Standards set forth by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and the Texas Department of Health, an Instructor/Student ratio of (1:10) must be observed at all times. 


To comply with these regulations the Fire Department must utilize both In-House and International Training Staff member to conduct mandatory yearly Continuing Education Classes in multiple fire service disciplines. 




International Training (Fee Schedule)                                   $100,000

College Revenue (Continuing Ed)                            $  16,800

Fire Academy                                                                     $  76,820


Mandatory Continuing Education


Fire Suppression                 24 Hours

EMS                                  40 Hours

Hazmat                               20 Hours

Fire Prevention                   20 Hours

ARFF                                44 Hours

Arson Inv.                          20 Hours


Cadet Recruit Training:       1,917 Hours of Training


                  Progress Report for the International Training Facility


      FY01-02                            FY02-03                      FY03-04                      FY04-05

      Actual                                Actual                          Estimated                     Projected

      19,715.00                          161,670.00                  163,000                       193,000


      Training Facility Revenues

      Pending finalization of Cooperative Agreement with TEEXS


      Training Impact Fees


The Training Center has helped the Laredo Fire Department in saving monies for the City by conducting our own training sessions. 


ARFF live burns @ DFW:              $  22,035

ARFF CE Training @ DFW                       $  16,500

Fire Suppression CE (20 hours)                  $  42,875

Hazmat CE Training (28 hours)                   $    6,250

Texas A & M Fire Academy                      $133,875


Total Saving cost                                        $221,535


Progress Report for Fire & EMS Grants


FY02/03                                        03/04                           04/05

Fire            157,000                       1.2 million                     1.2 Million       

                  EMS          18,194.00                    18,784                         15,062.25


                  Laredo Fire Department Personnel (Uniformed)


                  99/00          00/01          01/02          01/02          02/03           03/04           04/05

                  259               271             278             308             332              332               333


                  Laredo Fire Department Personnel (Civilians)


                  97/98          98/99          99/00          01/02          02/03           03/04           04/05

                     6                 6                 6                 8                 8                  8                    8


                  Major programs proposed for FY04-05


                  Completion of the Cielito Lindo

                  Station # 14 Fire Station

                  Activate Fire Engine # 14

                  Activate RQ # 14




H.  Library Department funding and operations, including third party agencies.


                  Janice Weber, Librarian, gave the following presentation:


                  Five Star Customer Service







                 Recognition – Morale

                 Great Expectations


                 Program of Service


                 Children’s Services

                 Adult Services

                 Reference Services

                 Outreach Services

                 Technical Services

                 Community Services

                 Computer Networks

                 Nonprofit Assistance

                 Volunteer Services


                 Children’s Services


                  Program Attendance

                  Juvenile Volumes



                  Program Attendance           12,973

                  Juvenile Volumes                55,385




                  Program Attendance           66,548

                  Juvenile Volumes                12,548



                  Program Attendance           76,648

                  Juvenile Volumes                13,073



                  Program Attendance           81,643

                  Juvenile Volumes                14,161




                  Children’s Services

                                                            2001                2002                2003                2004

                  Group Tours                       41                    52                    48                    41       

                  Off-Site Visits                     50                    20                    28                    42

                  Sponsored Events               177                  17                    285                  180


                  Total Library Materials


                  FY2001                 FY2002                       FY2003                       FY2004


                  223,217                 238,988                       259,442                       297,667


                  Total Cataloged Titles


                  Main                      SNB                            BPB                             Bkmbl

                  168,644                 28,431                         10,112                         2,653


                  Adult Services



                  In-Service Training


                  Sponsored Events

                  Computer Training


                  Reference Services



                  Collection Development

                  Electronic Books

                  Educational Program Development

                  Web Page Design and Maintenance


                  Public Computer Training


                                                2001                2002                2003                2004


                  Software/Public      46                    45                    23                    45

                  Attendance 236                  245                  280                  150


                  Public Computer Users


                                                2001                2002                2003                2004


                                                65,907             79,755             84,499             84,456






                  Computer Network Services


                                                            2001                2002                2003                2004


                  Internet facilities                  3                      3                      3                      10

                  Public PCs             130                  142                  142                  151

                  Staff PCs                            54                    54                    54                    54


                  Technical Services


                  Volumes Purchased            27,042             20,632             25,103             15,977

                  Volumes Processed            20,463             22,703             24,926             24,119


                  Bookmobile Volumes Checked Out


                 2001                                   2002                            2003                            2004


                 2,312                                  4,137                           30,992                         31,750




                  Hours of Service


                 2001                                   2002                            2003                            2004


                 175                                     573                              669                              700


                 Volunteer Program


                 2001                                   2002                            2003                            2004


# Vol.        50,239                                55,698                         73,772                         108,000

Savings     $334,717                             $383,759                     $492,802                     $723,929


                 Nonprofit Assistance


                 Online FC Search


                  78,000 Foundations

                  419,681 Searchable grants

                  Updated on a weekly basis (Available ONLY at the Main Library)

                  TAMIU Collaboration

                  Public Access Channel – Promotional Videos for Nonprofits


                  Community Services


                  Home Bound

                  HOST Program

                  Clean Up Campaigns

                  Toy Drive

                  Homeless Assistance


I.  Traffic Department funding and operations, including fleet management operations, and

     parking meters.


     Roberto Murillo, Traffic Director, gave the following presentation:


      Mission Statement


To provide safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and minimize risk of liability to the City.


Traffic Safety Department:


General Fund                   101


                  FTE’s                                                               FY03-04          Proposed

2610          Traffic Administration                            29.25               4.50

2611          Engineering                                                              0               4.75

2612          Permits                                                                   0               3.00

2613          Signals                                                                     0               6.34

2614          Signs                                                                       0               5.83

2650          Street Lighting                                             0                    0


                  Total                                                                29.25               24.42


Traffic Safety Department


FTE’s                                                                                 FY03-04          FY04-05

Parking Meters Fund                                                          251

2620 Parking Meters                                                          24.75               24.75

2622 Markings                                                                   0                        4.83

                                                                              Total    24.75               29.58


Fleet Management                                                                      593

2810 Fleet Maintenance                                                     43                    43


Traffic Administration


Traffic Safety Department

Major Maintenance Responsibilities:


247            Traffic Signals

120            School Flashing Beacons

850,000     Linear Feet Pavement Markings

                  Over 30,000 Traffic Signs





Traffic Safety Department

Other Major Responsibilities:


Oversee Speed Hump Installation Program

Develop and implement traffic signal timing programs

Conduct traffic signal and traffic sign studies

Design and install new and upgraded traffic signals


Traffic Safety Department

Other Major Responsibilities


Design and implement pavement markings and traffic sign plans

Review road construction and subdivision plans

Oversee the utility Coordination Committee


Major Projects                             FY03-04                                  Part I


New Traffic Signals


District                   Location                                                                       Project Status

I-III                        Cielito Lindo Blvd/US 83                                              70%

III                          Market St/Seymour Ave.                                              Completed

II                            Saunders (US 59)/Paul Young                          20%

VI                          McPherson Road/Sterling Loop                                    25%


Traffic Signal Cabinet/Controller Upgrades


District                   Location                                                                       Project Status


III                          Bartlett Ave./Corpus Christi – Mier-Lane                      Completed

III                          Corpus Christi/Malinche Ave                                        Completed

IV                          Clark Blvd./ Arkansas to Cedar                                    Completed

III-IV                     Gustavus St./ Meadow-Semour-Cedar             Completed

III-IV                     Corpus Christi/Meadow-Seymour-Cedar                     60%

IV                          Springfield Ave./Clark-Gustavus                                   40%


Upgrades improve traffic flow, reduce traffic delays, and reduce maintenance cost.


Signal Timing Projects


District                   Location                                                                       Project


IV                          Clark Blvd/Arkansas to Cedar                          Completed

III                          Guadalupe-Chihuahua/Bartlett to Marcella                    Completed

III                          Bartlett/Corpus Christi to Lane                          Completed






Traffic Studies


All                          15 Traffic Volume Studies                                             Completed

All                          4 Traffic Turning Movement Studies                 Completed

All                          4 Traffic Speed Studes                                                Completed


Major Projects FY03-04




All                          Citywide Residential Permit Parking Program

All                          Speed Hump Installations – 9 Inquires, 2 Locations Studied and none

                              qualified or installed.

All                          Traffic Signal Mast Arm – Street name Sign Replacement Program

                              (40 locations)


Major Projects


ITS – Intelligent Transpiration System


Currently in the process of developing the ITS Master Plan for the city of Laredo; Completed plan due January 2005.


ITS Deployment Plan Report in progress and due September 2004.


Significant Performance Measures


Traffic       FY03-04




Number of Emergency Traffic Signals Repaired                                           534

Number of Linear Feet (Streets) Striped                                                     1,830,258

Number of Crosswalks and Railroad Crossings Striped                               575

Number of Oversize/Overweight Permits Issued                                          6,600

Number of Emergency Traffic Signs Calls                                        542

Number of signal Preventive Maintenance orders completed                        1,172

Number of Traffic Signs maintained                                                 5,967


Street Lighting


Responsible for the operation and maintenance of street lights along IH 35 and sections of Loop 20

Responsible for maintenance and operation of other street lights not installed by AEP. 

Administered the installation and operation of over 9,500 street lights citywide.

Trouble calls for street lights should be reported to the Traffic Safety Department.





                  Street Light Projects


                  Clark Blvd.  (Spur 400)

                  Del Mar Blvd.  (Fenwick to McPherson Rd.)

                  Laredo Meadow Housing Project

                  Lyon Street (Meadow to Springfield)

                  San Ignacio (Burnside to Scott)

                  Jacaman Road (McPherson to Bartlett)



                  (Parking Meter Fund)


                  Parking Meters Fund 251

                  2620 Parking Meters


                  Enforce all parking ordinances within the CBD.

                  Install and maintain 1000 parking meters

                  Operate and maintain Bridge I – Hamilton Pay to Park and Riverfront Parking Lots.

                  Collect and process all parking meter and parking lot monies.

                  Identify parking areas and provide for additional parking availability within the CBD.


                  Parking Lot Facilities Revenue


                  FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimated                     Proposed

                  $331,000               $526,800                     $428,000         $550,000                     $500,000


Estimate includes projected revenues for proposed parking lot located at Santa Maria and revenue losses due to closing of Bridge I parking lot.


Parking Fine Revenues


      FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimate                       Proposed

$201,915               $228,002                     $228,000         $236,074                     $232,560


                  Parking Meter Collection


      FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimated                     Proposed

                  $520,000               $574,779                     $622,200         $590,000                     $600,000


                  Oversize Permits Revenues


                  FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimate                       Proposed

                  $222,435               $158,821                     $161,877         $145,000                     $155,000




                  Overload Permits Revenues


                  FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimate                       Proposed

                   $185,540              $183,616                     $195,765         $165,000                     $165,000


                  Taxicab Permits Revenues


                  FY01-02                FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY03-04                      FY04-05

                  Actual                    Actual                          Budget             Estimate                       Proposed

                  $3,480                   $3,390                         $3,120             $3,120                         $3,120


                  Fleet Management

                  (Fleet Management Fund)


                 Fleet Management Division


                  Training and Employee Development

                  Caterpillar Equipment Diesel Mechanic Training (8 people)


                  Inside the Numbers


                  1,000 units in fleet

                  Over 59,000

                  Over 37,800 jobs completed


                  Police Unites Repair History


                  Over 450 Units in service

                  Over 3,600,000 miles driven annually

                  Average MPG 10.0

                  Estimated repair cost for 2004 is over $560,000


J.  Health Department funding and operations.


                 Dr.  Hector Gonzalez, Health Director, gave the following presentation:


                  Public Health Structure



                  Public Health Preparedness & Epidemiology

                  Public Health Education & Promotion

                  Environmental Health Services

                  Public Health Nutrition Services

                  Budget & Grants Management

                  Laboratory Services

                  Maternal & Child Health Services

                  Preventive Health Services



                  Where our funds come from:  FY05 Revenues


                  TDH Grants                       58%

                  City General Fund              26%

                  Services Fees                     8%

                  FDH/Clinic Fees                 5%

                  Other Government  2%

                  Inkind (LISD)                     1%


                  Where our funds go to :  FY05 Projections


                  Wic                                    29%

                  Adm/Maint/Other               13%

                  HIV/AIDS Program           8%

                  Maternity Clinic                  8%

                  Environmental Health          6%

                  Animal Control                   6%

                  TB Control             5%

                  Education & Outreach        5%

                  Epidemiology – Bio. T        4%

                  Immunization Program        4%

                  Lab/Pharmacy                    3%

                  Primary Care                      2%

                  Clinic Support                    2%

                  Ambulance             2%

                  Vital Records                     2%

                  Abstinence Project 2%

                  Dental Clinic                       1%


                  Where our City General Funds go:


                  26%  Administrative/Maintenance/Other

                  15%  Animal Control

                  14 % Environmental Health

                    8%  Laboratory Pharmacy

                    7%  Clinic Support

                    5%  Ambulance Collections

                    5%  Immunization Clinic

                    5%  Vital Records

                    3%  TB Control

                    2%  Dental Clinic

                    2%  Maternity

                    1%  Primary Care

                    0%  Abstinence Project

                    0%  WIC Program

                    0%  HIV/AIDS Program

                    0%  Epi/Bio-T


                  100% Total


                  Staff to Client Ratio

                                                                                                            FY03                           FY04

                  Average Number of Clients per Day                                   1,321                           1,464

                  Number of Staff                                                                  221                              219

                  Ratio of Client per FTE                                                       6 to 1                           7 to 1


                  Services provided by programs


                                                                                    Actual              Actual              Estimates

                                                                                    2001-02           2002-03           2003-04          



      Individuals immunized                                 30,825             29,253             30,943            

                  Immunizations Administered                        76,448             74,271             78,509



                  Food Establishments Inspected                   1,514               1,623               1,740

                  Food Handlers trained                                8,089               7,664               3,819


                  Animal control:

                  Response to calls:                                       17,693             14,421             14,749

                  Rabies Vacunas/No. pets                              4,670             4,082                5,298


                  Buena Vida:

                  Health risk Profiles/# of clients                    3,146               2,609               2,745

                  Screenings                                                  8,165               6,100               6,258


                  TB Eliminations and Binational

                  Number of Cases                                       105                  72                    72

                  Persons on DOT/DOPT & Prevention        662                  529                  535



                 Reportable Diseases investigated                  N/A                 895                  895                 



                  Number of participants                               22,605             22,917             23,234

                  Visits                                                          271,760           273,804           278,808



                  Number of Clients                                      3,379               2,016               3,285

                  Encounters/Visits                                        8,188               5,382               7,275


                 M& CH

                 Maternity/Family Planning/Well child            1,842               1,826               1,894

                 Visits                                                           10,589             11,191             11,631


                 La Familia:

                 Number of Clients                                       307                  639                  630

                 Number of visits                                          2,954               2,706               2,700



                 Tests performed                                          86,687             134,062           134,741

                 Pharmacy prescriptions issued                      18,662             17,703             18,000

                 Clients Receiving prescriptions                     13,321             13,046             13,150



                 New Enrollment                                           34,773             3,759               2,197

                 Re-enrollments                                            377                  5,084               5,504


                 Dental Services:

                 Number of clients                                        951                  226                  230

                 Number of visits                                          9,809               4,079               4,080



                 New clients registries                                   8,689               7,216               7,300

                 Return clients                                               37,980             37,615             37,700


                 Emerging Public Health Concerns




                 Environmental health Hazards

                 Food Sanitation

                 Infectious diseases

                 Vector-borne diseases (West Nile, Dengue)

                 Aging Population – Chronic Diseases


                  Core Public Health Concerns



                 Animal control

                 Environmental/Food Services

                 Disease Control

                 Vital Statistics



                 Binational Programs


                 Prevention & Awareness

                 Chronic Disease

                 Well-child & Dental



                 Funding Reductions



                 State                       8-60.7%                      All programs

                 City                         10%                 Dental & Buena Vida



                 Operating Costs


                                    FY01               FY02                           FY03               FY04               FY05

                 TOB           9.2                   9.6                               9.7                   10.7                 10.7

                  General      2.51                 2.69                             2.41                 2.53                 2.8


                  Centralized purchasing (office & medical) = 50% savings

                  Expanded auditorium with state of the art satellite broadcasts

                  All staff are cross-trained

                  Relocate to more affordable warehouse

                  Build Nutrition Center with grant funds

                  Seek new and alternate funding

                  Relocating staff to maximize space and improve patient flow


K.  Convention & Visitors Bureau Department funding and operations, including and Hotel      

      Occupancy Tax Fund.


      Nick Reyna, Convention & Visitors Bureau Director, gave the following presentation:


     Operating Budget FY2004/2005 Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau


     Mission Statement

     Enhance the Laredo area economy by


     “The Color of Cultures”

     “El Color de las Culturas”


     Promote community pride using

     Viva Laredo Campaign

     Increase awareness of Tourism impact

     Campaign to improve “Visitor Hospitality”

     Network to enhance improved visitor services with tourism partners


     Leisure Market


     Increase Room Occupancy

     Promote general visitation, shopping, sports/hunting, eco tourism and preservation

     Package Community Events

     Develop general information services to enhance visitor experience

     Information Centers


                 Inquiry Fulfillment


                 Mexico Market


                 Maintain strong liaison with the Nuevo Laredo Department of Tourism

                 Assist hotels and tourism partners in qualifying productive markets

                 Showcase Laredo as a major leisure/shopping destination

                 Develop hotel/motel packages with Mexican Airlines

                 Participate in tradeshows to network with travel agents and tour operators


                 Group Tours


     Increase the number of group tours which overnight in Laredo Entertainment Center      

     Target domestic and Mexico tour operators

     Promote local events

     Develop regional niche market tours


     Meetings & Conventions


     Special event and sales blitzes in Austin

     Develop sales leads from advertising and trade show participation

     Partner with hotels to reinforce sales and marketing strategies

     Familiarization tours for meeting planners

     Revise website to service meeting planners

                 Texas Association of Housing and Redevelopment Annual Convention

                 Ports to Plains Corridor Coalition Annual Conference

                 Texas Downtown Association State Convention

                 Texas Tech University Education Workshops

                 Society of Government Meeting Professionals Annual Joint Conference


                 Airline Marketing


                 Promote regional use of Laredo International Airport

                 Hosts special events to promote use of Mexican/Domestic Airlines

                 Work with hotels to “package” destination


                 Laredo International Fire/Law Enforcement Center


                 Update enticement and reprint enticement brochure

                 Web-site design

                 On-Line Registration

                 Tradeshow participation

                 Sales Calls on Latin American Embassies

                 Package destination with hotels


                 Sports Market


                 Attract additional professional sports teams

                 Submit bids to host collegiate, national and international tournaments

                 Assist local organizations in the development of new sports venues

                 Participate in Sports industry tradeshows

                 Promote Laredo Bucks, Laredo Law, and Laredo Heat

                 Promote Laredo as a hunting destination

                 Promote local recreational and sporting events

                 Attract conferences, camps, and clinics

                 Join state, national, and international sports associations




                 Mexico Trade Missions


                 Leon Canaco/Servytur

                 State of Guanajuato


                 Cien Empresas Lideres

                 State of Coahuila


                 Guadalajara Sales Mission


                 2005 Special Projects


                 Miss Texas USA Pageant

                 Laredo 250th Anniversary Celebration

                 Central Hockey League All Star Game

                 International Festival of Sister Cities

                 Paisano Program


                 Miss Texas USA


                 2005 Budget $350,000



o       Television exposure worth over $876,000

o       Potential audience of 8 million Households ini Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana,  

      and Oklahoma


250th Anniversary Celebration


2005 Budget $200,000


Yearlong Event


To promote and commemorate the City’s 250th Anniversary

To educate Laredoans and visitors on the founding and heritage of the City

To instill the importance of preserving our multi-cultured and multi-storied history

To celebrate the progress the City has made in the last 250 years


2005 CHL All Star Game


Budget $75,000

Laredo Entertainment Center

January 13 – 13, 2005

National television coverage potential:  Fox Spots







2005 International Festival of Sister Cities


Budget       $35,000

Award – winning special event


Enhance ties with our sister cities

Attract visitors

Promote business, tourism and economic development

Generate room nights and impact Laredo’s economy


Motion to increase expenditures appropriations for Hotel/Motel in the amount of $50,000 to fund the 250th Anniversary and to increase revenues and expenditures in the amount of $50,000 each for the Convention and Visitor’s Fund. 


Moved:  Cm.  Ramirez

Second: Cm.  Agredano

For:     7                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


L.  Transit/El Metro funding and operations, including capital improvements.


                  Ron Moore, General Manager, gave the following presentation:


                  El Metro Operations


                  Bus Fleet & Statistics


                  Fleet Characteristics


                  47 Buses

                  2 Trolleys

                  18 Paratransit Vans


                  Statistical Data


                  Over 4 million passengers annually

                  22 Fixed Routes

                  1,511,788 annual miles


                  Fixed Route Operations


                  Passenger Revenues

                  (Fixed-Route Program)


                  FY01                     FY02               FY03               FY04               FY05


                  $2.3M                    $2.2M              $2.0M              $2.4M              $2.5M





                  Operating Expenses


                  FY01                     FY02               FY03               FY04               FY05

                  $7.1M                    $7.2M              $7.9M              $8.4M              $8.9M


                  El Lift Paratransit Operations


                  Passenger Revenues


                  FY01                     FY02               FY03               FY04               FY05

                  $31,895                 $29,593           $30,578           $32,316           $33,920


                   Operating Expenses


                  FY01                     FY02               FY03               FY04               FY05

                  $1.6M                    $2.0M              $1.9M              $2.0                 $1.8




                  Installation of 49 new GFI Validating Fareboxes


                  The next Generation Automatic Fare Collection System


                  Interface to Smart Buss Systems

                  Advanced Driver and Passenger Displays

                  Issues and Validates Magnetic Transfers

                  Processes Magnetic Stripe Documents

                  Provides Electronic Change

                  Validates Coins and Bills

Accepted delivery of two additional 35 feet CNG Buses for a total of six at a cost of $621,964.00

Blue Bird delivers to California, Texas agencies

Constructed sidewalks in all eight Council Districts

Constructed a bus shelter at the main Public Library

Adverting Contract

Capital Projects FY2005

7 35ft CNG Buses (2.3m)

Sidewalks (144k, 18k per Council District)

Bus Maintenance & Operations Facility Study (205k)

Bus Shelters (25k)

Bus Bays (369k)










M.  Police Department funding and operations.


                  Agustin Dovalina, Police Chief, gave the following presentation:


                  Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Laredo Police Department to enhance the quality of life in Laredo by establishing a partnership with the community in an effort to preserve life, protect property, and enforce the law.


Technological Advances


Global Positioning System (GPS)

Crime Mapping

Looking Glass (Crime Analysis)

Soon to come

800 MHz Trunking

Scheduling Software

Bomb Disposal Equipment


COPS Expansion


Creation of Precinct # 17 (Cielito Lindo)

Continue deployment of School Resource Officer to U. I. S. D.


Performance Measures


Traffic citations


2002-2003                                     2003-2004

71,534                                           93,316


Violent/Property Crime


2000                2001                2002                2003

                  Violent Crime                          972               1,123               1,107               1,360

                  Property Crime                   11,973             12,442             11,771             13,772


                  Emergency/Non-emergency Calls


                                                            2000                2001                2002                2003

                  Emergency             107,674           111,810           124,068           118,153

                  Non-Emergency                 333,700           335,742           310,483           313,200




                                                            2000                2001                2002                2003

                                                            7,184               7,581               7,137               8,432



                  Murder Rate                      

                                                            2001                2002                2003                2004


                                                            9                      7                      29                    9

                  Sworn Personnel

                                                            2000                2001                2002                2003

                                                            344                  344                  360                  410


                  Authorized Strength (GF/Grants)


                  Motion to reclassify two Patrol Officer Cadets to one Sergeant and one (1) Investigator.


                  Moved:  Mayor Pro Tempore Amaya

                  Second:  Cm.  Agredano

                  For:     7                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


N.  Environmental Services Department funding and operations, including NPDES and

      Hazmat operations.


       This item was discussed on August 11, 2004.


O.  Parks & Recreation Department funding and operations, including Civic

      Center/Mercado operations.


       This item was discussed on August 11, 2004.


P.  Solid Waste Department funding and operations.


      This item was discussed on August 11, 2004.


Q.  Utilities Department funding and operations, including capital improvements.


       This item was discussed on August 11, 2004.


R.  Mayor and City Council Department, City Manager’s Department, Airport Department,

Budget Department, City Attorney’s Department, City Secretary’s Department, Community Development Department, Financial Services Department, Municipal Court Department, Planning Department, and Tax Department.


This item was discussed on August 11, 2004.




The City Council hereby reserves the right to go into executive session at any time during this public meeting, if such is requested by the City Attorney or other legal counsel for the City, pursuant to his or her duty under Section 551.071(2) of the Government Code, to consult privately with his or her client on an item on the agenda, or on a matter arising out of such item.





Motion to adjourn.                                                                                            9:54 p.m.


Moved:  Mayor Pro Tempore Amaya

Second:  Cm.  Agredano

For:      7                                              Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


I, Gustavo Guevara, Jr., City Secretary, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes contained in pages 01 and 23 are true, complete, and correct proceedings of the City Council meeting held on August 10, 2004




                                                            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.

      City Secretary