AUGUST 11, 2004

5:30 P.M.


I.          CALL TO ORDER


            With a quorum present, Mayor Elizabeth Flores called the meeting to order.

II.        ROLL CALL


            In attendance:


            Elizabeth G.  Flores,                                                                 Mayor

            Alfredo Agredano,                                                                    Council Member, District I

            Hector Garcia,                                                                          Council Member, District II

            John C.  Galo,                                                                          Council Member, District III

            Johnny Amaya,                                                                         Mayor Pro Tem, District IV

            Johnny Rendon                                                                         Council Member, District V

            Gene Belmares,                                                                        Council Member, District VI

            Jose A.  Valdez, Jr.,                                                                 Council Member, District VII

            Juan Ramirez,                                                                           Council Member, District VIII

            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.,                                                               City Secretary

            Larry Dovalina,                                                                         City Manager

            Cynthia Collazo,                                                                       Deputy City Manager

            Jaime Flores,                                                                            City Attorney




            Mayor Flores led in the Pledge of Allegiance.




Larry Dovalina, City Manager, gave a brief explanation in regards to a motion that was approved at the prior budget hearing where Council moved to promote one sergeant and one investigator.  He said that seven positions will be filled; however, the other positions were approved within the 2004-2005 budgets. 




            A.  Introduction of the budget by City Manager Larry Dovalina, including budget process, vision and goals, debt service, financial policies and proposed personnel changes.



                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            B.  Ad-valorem tax rate.


                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            C.  Personnel issues, including proposed employee pay plan and employee health and

                  benefits plan.


                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            D.  Proposed General Fund highlights.


                 This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            E.  Engineering/Public Works Department funding and operations, and status of

                  construction projects.


     This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            F.  Bridge Department  funding and operations.


     This item was discussed on August 9, 2004.


            G.  Fire Department funding and operations, including the Laredo International Fire and

                  Law Enforcement Training Facility.


                 This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.


            H.  Library Department funding and operations, including third party agencies.


                  This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.


            I.  Traffic Department funding and operations, including fleet management operations, and               parking meters.


     This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.


            J.  Health Department funding and operations.


            K. Convention & Visitors Bureau Department funding and operations, including and Hotel              Occupancy Tax Fund.


     This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.


            L. Transit/El Metro funding and operations, including capital improvements.


     This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.



            M. Police Department funding and operations.


                  This item was discussed on August 10, 2004.


            N. Environmental Services Department funding and operations, including NPDES and  

                 Hazmat operations.


                  Riazul Mia, Environmental Services Director, gave the following presentation: 


                  Mission Statement


To provide a better quality of life by promoting a healthy and safer environment through community involvement and education as well as to protect the natural resources from environmental degradation for the citizens of Laredo by ensuring compliance with the federal, state, and local environmental laws. 


Challenges in Laredo


Illegal dumping


Inadequate drainage

Complinace with federal/state laws

Traditional construction

Lack of enforcement by state/federal

International community

Local ordinances

Lack of awareness about environment


Inlet/manhole cleaning


2001                2002                            2003                            2004


Inspections 1409                1205                            1182                            442

Tons                       237                  174                              141                              35.56


HHW Collected


1996                      16,946

1997                      17,543

1998                      22,291

1999                      22,195

2000                      16,705

2001                      43,933

2002                      34,899

2003                      34,710

2004                      11,889





HazMat Permits


1999                      494

2000                      426

2001                      534

2002                      572

2003                      561

2004                      552


Pounds of E-Waste Collected


May of 2003                      21,000

October 2003                    43,000

May of 2004                      63,000


Pollution and Development



Pounds of Sediment                          199,923

Dollars x 100                                  $199,275



Pounds of Sediment                          144,248

                  Dollars X 100                                 $190,010


                  2002 – 2003

                  Pounds of Sediment                          137,095

                  Dollars X 100                                 $194,948



                  Pounds of Sediment                          123,111

                  Dollars X 100                                 $428,918


                 Environmental Educational Initiative


                 Program Goal

                 Childcare Centers

                 Elementary Schools

                 Secondary Schools

                 Binational Effort

                 Eco-TV Program (Public Access)

                 Eco-Theme Float @ WBCA Event


                  Environmental Complaint Investigations


                  95/96       96/97       97/98       98/99       99/00       00/01       01/02       02/03     03/04                      120          150          140          200          352           350         569           596       415




                  News Programs for 2004-2005


                 Los Dos Laredo Environmental Education for Daycare Facilities

                 Extend the Educational Campaign in the UISD (Kinder & 1st Grade)

                 Keep Laredo Beautiful

                 Commercial Litter Ordinance

                 More e-waste collection event


                  Does Laredo have a little problem?


                  Yes                        82%

                  No                         18%


                  Program Level     Program Cost per Acre          Typical Program Features


                 Incidental                 $15-$25                                   Reactive incidental maintenance and

regulation as part of other programs. 


Minimum                $30 - $50                                 ADD:  ROW maintenance, better

regulation and inspection, more staff, and erosion control. 


                  Moderate               $40 - $70                                 ADD:  Additional maintenance

programs and levels of service, better regulation and inspection, some planning, minor capital programs, and general upgrade of capabilities. 


                   Advanced              $70 - $140                               ADD:  Maintenance (of some sort) of

the whole system, master planning, regional treatment, some water quality, data collection, multi-objective planning, strong control of development and other programs, and utility funding. 

Exceptional Over $200                               ADD:  Storm water quality, advanced

food control, advanced levels of service for maintenance, aesthetics become more important, and public programs. 


Motion to appropriate expenditures in the amount of $277,150 for matching fund for the Chacon Creek Feasibility Study by Army Corps of Engineers.


Moved:  Cm.  Garcia

Second:  Cm.  Agredano

For:     8                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0




Motion to create a new fund 259 and appropriate $100,000 for “Keep Laredo Beautiful” from the NPDES Fund.


Moved:  Cm.  Belmares

Second:  Mayor Pro Tempore Amaya

For:     8                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


            O. Parks & Recreation Department funding and operations, including Civic Center/Mercado          operations.


                 Horacio De Leon, Parks and Recreation Director, gave the following presentation:


                 Mission Statement


To deliver services that enhance the quality of life of all citizens through recreational programming and effectively maintain and develop Laredo’s park system.




Presentation Overview


Organizational Chart

Department Budget History

FY2004 Highlights

Upkeep & Maintenance of new Park Facilities

Proposed Recreational User Fees

Recreational Centers

Civic Center


League Fees

Inner City Tech-rec Movie Premier


Parks & Recreational Department


Parks Administration                        9 Full time Employees

Civic Center/Mercado                     14.1 Full Time Employees

Cemetery                                        7.68 Full Time Employees

Recreation/Veterans/Aquatics          30.99 Full time Employees

Parks maintenance                           67 Full Time Employees

Recreation Center                            28.5 Full time Employees

                                                       7 Recreational Centers


Budget History Comparison


                               2001-02           2002-03           2003-04           2004-05

Laredo                    $5,306,765      $5,360,745      $6,046,072      $6,388,676

McAllen                  $5,562,816      $5,911,192      $6,318,169      $6,488,000

Lubbock                 $7,662,119      $7,655,885      $7,931,248      $7,931,248

Corpus Christi         $11,467,337    $12,559,447    $12,418,269    $13,222,207


Budget Breakdown  2004-2005 (Proposed)  $6,388,676




Park Maintenance                            54%

Recreational Center             21%

Recreation                                       12%

Administration                                 7%

Cemetery                                        6%


FY2004 Highlights


Inner City Park Opening

El Cuatro Park Opening

Mario Tijerina Park Opening

Summer Playground/Camps

Swimming Activities

Special Events

Public Information Coverage


Special Events 2004


New Grounds maintenance Areas FY2001-2004


Inner City Park                                            3.90 Acres

Mario Tijerina Park                         3.89 Acres

El Cuatro Park                                            1.81 Acres

George Washington Park                               .51 Acres

Sta.  Rita Park                                          22.14  Acres

Loma Alta Park                                           6.50 Acres

Eistetter Park                                               3.50 Acres

Tree Farm                                                   2.60 Acres

Zacate Creek Linear Park                          12.00 Acres                  


                 Total Additional Acreage –           56.85 Acres


                 New Facilities for FY2004-2005


                 Eastwood Park                                            4.16 Acres

                 Fa. McNaboe Babe Ruth & Soccer 6.00 Acres

                 Lafayette & Farias Spray Parks                   .36 Acres

                 Farias Community Center                            .50 Acres

                  Seven Flags Park                                        6.80 Acres


                  Total Additional Acreage -              17.82 Acres





                 Department Efficiencies


                 Joint Use Agreement LISD on Parks

                 Bridge Mowing Contract for maintenance Personnel

                 $3,038,073 in Grant Funds

                 Parks Workforce more efficient and effective

                 Event Sponsorship (basketball camp, 4th of July, partnerships, TRAPS, S. O. S, and 5K’s

                 Proposed Fee Structure – Recreational Programming

                 Operating additional Recreation Center with minimal budget impact

                 Extended the space of City Cemetery


                 Newly Proposed Fees


                 Activity/Facility                                            Current                         Proposed

                 Aquatics – Instructional Programming           $.15                                         $20

                      Per participant/per session

                 Aquatics – Recreational Programming                                                          60%/40%

                       Percentage Split – Instructor/City

                 Junior Lifeguard (14 & under)                                                                      $50

                      Per participant/per session         

                 CPR/First Aid                                                                                             $50

                      Per participant/per session

                      (Infant, child, Adult)

                 (Individual lesson)                                                                                        $35

                      per participant/per session

                 Rec Center-Recreational Programming                                                         79%/30%\

                      Percentage Split:  Instructor/City

                 Summer Playground Program                                                                       $25

                      Per participant (cap $50 per family)

                 Recreation Center Annual Fee                                                                     $5

                      Per participant                                       

                 Civic Center Meeting Rooms:

                 4 hours/all four rooms                                  $320                                        $550

                 4 hours/1 room                                            $80                                          $150

                 League Fees:  per team (excluding officials)                                     

                 Softball                                                        $190                                        $200

                 Volleyball                                                    $90                                          $90

                 Basketball                                                   $60                                          $70


                 Motion to approve of the newly proposed fees.


                 Moved:  Cm.  Galo

                 Second:  Cm.  Agredano

                 For:     8                                          Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0







                 Summer Camp Program Registration and Daily Average Attendance


                 Facility                    Total Registration


                 Arndt                      170                 

                 Cigarroa                  228

                 East Hachar 146

                 Farias                      189

                 Kazen                     237

                 K.  Tarver               288

                 N.E.  Hillside           255

                 United                     253


                 Total                       1766


                 Summer Playground Program


                 Program Expenditure History



                 Personnel (Seasonal Employees)                  $131,000

                 Materials & Supplies                                   $  18,761

                 Contractual Service                         $  16,062

                 Other (Administrative)                                 $    6,500

                                    Total                                        $172,323


                 Recreation Centers Division


                 Total Members & Attendance

                 Rec Center                                      Attendance                   Membership

                 Tarver                                             133,673                       10,759

                 Cigarroa                                            73,083                         8,504

                 East Hachar                           56,885                         2,206

                 Farias                                                44,975                         5,909

                 Hillside                                              32,539                       15,787

                 Ladrillera                                                520                            100

                 TOTAL                                           341,675                       43,265


                 Other Users – Recreational Centers


                 Buena Vida Aerobics

                 Boys & Girls Club Basketball League

                 LISD Athletic, Education & Misc.


                 FY2005 Action Plan


                 Pass Park Dedication Ordinance

                 Chacon Creek/Zacate Creek Development

                 Acquisition of River Vega

                 Continue to pursue grants, endowments, & other innovative financing

                 Joint use/Interlocal CIP Agreements

                 Convention Center Feasibility Study

                 Project Management of CIP Package for 2005-2009 Bond Program


                 Summary of Survey Findings all Issues in Survey Top Two Most Important Issues


                 Improve Streets                                           52.6%

                 More parks & Recreation                            52.0%

                 Improve drainage                                         31.0%

                 Downtown revitalization                               24.4%

                 More library branches                                  14.2%

                 Enhance Tourism                                         12.8%

                 Other                                                            7.8%

                 No Opinion                                       2.0%


                 Significant Findings


                 Parks & Recreation


                 Most important park and recreation facilities

                 Playgrounds for children (86.8%)

                 Picnic areas (85%)

                 Multipurpose fields for children (80%)

                 Hike/bike/walk trails (76.6%)

                 Waterpark (72.8%)

     When residents were asked to rate the top two most important park and

recreation facilities the tope two were water park and playgrounds followed by picnic areas, a zoo, trails and recreational centers. 

Drainage Projects

Importance of drainage projects

Calton Rd. at West Gate (45.5%)

Fletch Lane  (43.8)

Maryland Ave.  at Taylor Street (36%)

Other Issues

Provide public incentives to attract job creating indus. and businesses to the city (89%)

Improve drainage city-wide (86%)

Develop efforts to enhance tourism to the City (76.6%)

Build a new convention center to bring in business and tourism to Laredo (46.2%)


Summary of Survey Findings Parks and Recreation


Respondents were asked to rate various park and recreation issues on a scale from 1 to 7 with “1” being not needed and 7 being definitely needed.  The table below presents the results of the findings.  The mean rating scale is: 7 – definitely needed, and 1 – not needed.  Those who had no opinion or were not familiar with the issue were excluded from the mean score calculation.





% rating 6 or 7                              Mean


1.  Playgrounds for children                                      86.8%              6.47

2.  Picnic areas                                                                    85.0%              6.36

3.  Multipurpose fields for children/adults                              80.0%              6.25

4.  Hike/bike/walk trails                                                       76.6%              6.18

5.  A water park                                                                  72.8                 5.88

6.  Baseball/softball tournament complex                              69.6%              5.84

7.  An indoor community recreation center               67.6%              5.73

8.  A zoo                                                                             65.8%              5.62

9.  Basketball Courts                                                           60.8%              5.62

10)  Soccerfields                                                                 60.6%              5.58

11)  A swimming pool                                                          56.6%              5.28

12)  Tennis courts                                                                48.4%              5.19

13)  Skateboard park                                                          46.4%              5.06

14)  A municipal golf course                                     37.2%              4.34


Summary of Survey Findings Demographics


The typical resident interviewed has lived in Laredo 26 years and is 45 years of age.  54% have children 18 or younger residing within their household.  42% were male and 58% female.


Summary of Survey Findings Demographics


The typical resident interviewed has lived in Laredo 26 years and is 45 years of age.


Analysis of Parks Budget FY ‘05


                                                       Original            Proposed         Original

                                                       2003-2004       2004-2005       amount


Materials and Supplies:                                                                                           

Parks Administration                        3,110               3,984               4,450               466

Parks maintenance                           3,115               332,475           343,283           10,808

Recreation                                       3,120               92,538             102,700           10,162

Recreation Centers                          3,125               186,000           172,780           (13,220)

Cemetery                                        3,130               27,348             28,085             737


Total materials/supplies                    642,345           651,298           8,953


Contractual Services:

Parks Administration                        3110                11,300             11,700             400

Parks Maintenance                          3115                790,534           888,485           97,951

Recreation                                       3120                87,200             89,770             2,570

Recreation Centers                          3125                217,700           217,700          

Cemetery                                        3130                51,205             52,171             966     


Total Contractual Services                                       1,157,939        1,259,826        101,887


Analysis of Parks Budget FY ‘05


Total M & S Contractual Servs        1,800,284       1,911,124        110,848


Less:  vehicle maintenance

Less:  inet charges

Less:  insurance total

                                                       138,796           260,759           121,963


Net Total Increase or

Decrease                                         1,661,448        1,650,368        (11,123)


From a zero percent growth


            P.  Solid Waste Department funding and operations.


                 Sanitation Operations

                 Garbage Pick Up


                 Lawn Clipping Pick up

                 Vehicle maintenance


                 Revenue vs. Operating Expenses


                 2000/2001              2001/2002       2002/2003                   2003/3004       2004/2005

Revenues  4.6910                     5.0036             5.3479                         5.4192             5.6793

Expenses   4.5211                    4.2496             4.5694                         4.9651             5.4106


                 Landfill Operations



                 Working Phase

                 Methane Gas

                 Leachate Collection

                 Daily Cover

                 Branch to Mulch




                 Completed Projects


                 Added nine new methane gas collection wells

                 Beautified areas with trees and fence

                 Added employee lunch and meeting room

                 Installed new automated scale for commercial customers

                 Built new fueling station

                 Initiated new post shell program and an alternate daily cover




     Revenue vs. Operating Expenses


                 2000/2001              2001/2002       2002/2003                   2003/3004       2004/2005

Revenues  4.1616                     4.6549             5.1332                         5.4450             5.7173

Expenses   2.9975                    3.3003             3.0878                         3.9929             4.4256


                 2004/2005 Major Projects


                 Initiate Plans for Composting Facility

                 Complete Storm water Perimeter Channels Surrounding Landfill

                 Begin Construction on Cell # 17

                 Construct Citizen Drop-Off Center

                 Reconstruct Parking Lot

                 Replace Scale # 1


                 Landfill Facts


                 Passed TCEQ Inspection

                 Processed over 338,481 Tones

                 Served over 114,000 Customers

                 Recycled over 6,000,000 pounds


            Q. Utilities Department funding and operations, including capital improvements.


                 Pablo Martinez, Utilities Director, gave the following presentation:


                 Mission of the Utilities Department


     Provide the community with safe drinking water, on demand, and in sufficient quantity;

     and to remove and dispose of wastewater and its by-products in an environmentally

     sound manner.


     Major Accomplishments FY2003-2004


     Lyon Street 6 MG tank repairs.

     Colonias 24” wastewater line extension along Tex-Mex R.O.W.

     North Laredo WWT Plant effluent pond improvements

     Colombia Wastewater Treatment Plant Permit amendment.

     2003-2004 street recycling project

     Iturbide St.  improvements

     CIP Projects


     Major on-going projects FY2003-2004


     Colonias project on SH-359 and FM 1472


     Permit amendment and plant expansion for North Laredo WWT Plant.

     Permit amendment and plant expansion for Unitec WWT Plant.

     Chacon truck line extension.

     Bridge of Americas lift station relocation.

     Santa Clara Wastewater line extension.

     TxDOT Utilities Relocation Hwy 59 widening.

     McPherson lift station upgrade.

     Effluent water reuse agreement.

     12” Sewer line at Calle Del Norte


     Colonias Groundbreaking May 26, 2004


Work Order # 5 includes the construction of a Ground Storage Tank and Booster Station at a construction cost of $606,050.  The project will provide water to colonias located in the SH 359 planning area.


Colonias Groundbreaking May 26, 2004


Work Order No. 6 includes the construction of an Elevated Storage Tank at a construction cost of $913,950.  The project will provide adequate pressure to colonias within SH 359 planning area.


Performance measures


System Statistics


Miles of Water Mains                                              599

Water Average Daily Production                              32 MGD

Water Plant Capacity                                               66 MGD

Miles of Sanitary Sewer                                           400

Sewer Daily Average Treatment                               16.3 MGD

Number of Sewer Treatment Plants              5

Maximum capacity of Sewer Treatment                    21 MGD

Number of Lift Stations                                            73


Water Accounts


No. of accounts


2000                       2001                2002                2003                2004

                 44,885                    47,370             49,984             50,820             57,970


                 Sewer Accounts


                 2000                       2001                2002                2003                2004


                 43,329                    45,483             47,925             49,378             49,581


                 Water Rights


                 2000                       2001                2002                2003                2004

                 42,369                    42,439             46,678             46,038             46,042


                 Water Rights Pending                      Owner                                      Municipal Ac/ft

                 Transactions                                    Presidio Valley Farms               2000 (NC)

                                                                        Sundown Enterprises                200


                 Metered Water Sales


                 FY00-01                 FY01-02          FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY04-05

                 Actual                     Actual              Actual                          Estimated         Proposed

                $13,680,241            $14,404,785    $13,347,052                $13,828,178    14,728,460


                 Rainfall Statistics


                 FY00-01                             FY01-02                      FY02-03                      FY03-04

                 Actual                                 Actual                          Actual                          Actual

                 20”                                      18”                               25”                               22”


                                                            FY00-01          FY01-02          FY02-03          FY03-04

                 Water Meter Sales              $13,680,241    $14,104,795    $13,347,852    $13,626,176

                 Rainfall                                19.85               16.06               24.67               21.61 -2mo


                 Sewer Services Charges


                 FY00-01                 FY01-02          FY02-03                      FY03-04          FY04-05

                 Actual                     Actual              Actual                          Estimated         Proposed

                 $11,989,434           $12,352,210    $12,954,358                $12,341,754    $13,077,731


                 Capital Improvement Program


                 Water Capital Improvement Program FY2004-05


                 Project Name                                                          FY2004-05

                 Transmission Line (12,600 L. F. 24”)                       $1,650,000

                 McPherson To TAMIU


                 Transmission Line (7,900 L. F. 24”) MHOC

                 To McPherson                                                        $1,200,000


                 Jefferson Water Plant (Rehab Lower                        $425,000

                 Filters & Raw Water Pumps                                   


                 MHOC expand pump capacity                                $400,000


                 Street Recycling 01-05                                            $200,000


                 Sewer Capital Improvement Program FY2004-05


                 Project name                                                         FY2004-2005


                 Zacate Creek WWTP Corrosion Control                 $2,900,000

                 North Laredo WWTP (2.9 MGD)                           $1,650,000

                 Zacate Creek WWTP Rehap                                   $1,400,000

                 Unitec WWTP (1MG)                                             $   200,000

                 Zacate Creek WWTP Primary Lift Pump                 $   180,000


R.  Mayor and City Council Department, City Manager’s Department, Airport Department,          

Budget Department, City Attorney’s Department, City Secretary’s Department, Community Development Department, Financial Services Department, Municipal Court Department, Planning Department, and Tax Department.




The City Council hereby reserves the right to go into executive session at any time during             this public meeting, if such is requested by the City Attorney or other legal counsel for the City, pursuant to his or her duty under Section 551.071(2) of the Government Code, to           consult privately with his or her client on an item on the agenda, or on a matter arising out of such item.


            VII.     ADJOURNMENT


            Moved:  Cm.  Galo                                                                   Time:  9:00 p.m.

                        Second:  Cm.  Agredano

                        For:     8                                   Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


I, Gustavo Guevara, Jr., City Secretary, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes contained in pages 01 and 15 are true, complete, and correct proceedings of the City Council meeting held on August 11, 2004




                                                            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.

      City Secretary