Day Two





AUGUST 8, 2006

5:30 P.M.

I.          CALL TO ORDER


            With a quorum present, Raul G.  Salinas called the meeting to order.

II.        ROLL CALL

            In attendance:


            Raul G.  Salinas,                                                                       Mayor

            Mike Garza,                                                                             Council Member, District I

            Hector Garcia,                                                                          Council Member, District II

            Michael Landeck,                                                                     Council Member, District III

            Johnny Amaya,                                                                         Council Member, District IV

            Johnny Rendon                                                                         Council Member, District V

            Gene Belmares,                                                                        Council Member, District VI

            Juan Chavez.,                                                                          Council Member, District VII

            Juan Ramirez,                                                                           Mayor Pro Tem, District VIII

            Gustavo Guevara, Jr.,                                                               City Secretary

            Larry Dovalina,                                                                         City Manager

            Cynthia Collazo,                                                                       Deputy City Manager

            Horacio De Leon,                                                                     Assistant City Manager

            Rafael Garcia,                                                                           Assistant City Manager

            Jaime Flores,                                                                            City Attorney




            Mayor Raul G.  Salinas led in the Pledge of Allegiance.



G.  Parks & Recreation Department funding and operations.


      Miguel Pescador, Parks and Recreational Director, gave the following presentation:


      Presentation Outline


      Department Overview

      Capital Improvement Project (CIP)

      Budget Highlights


      Recreation Division

      Civic Center Improvement Projects

      Department Video Presentation


      Department Overview


                                                                        2001                2006                            Variance

      Personnel                                                   120.6               145.18                         24.58

      Parkland acreage                                        348                  618                              +270

      Rec. Centers                                              5                      7                                  +2

      Pools                                                          5                      6                                  +1

      Splash Parks                                              0                      2                                  +2


      $26 Million CIP’s


      Additional Divisions


      1.  Civic Center & Mercado

      2.  Veterans Field Operations


      Department Overview


      Parks & Recreation Department


      Parks Administration

      Civic Center/Mercado


      Recreational/Veterans Field

      Parks maintenance

      Recreation Center


      Parks & Recreation Budget Breakdown


      Park Maintenance               55%

      Recreation Centers 21%

      Recreation                          11%

      Administration                    7%

      Cemetery                           6%


      General Fund FY2007 (Proposed)             $7,556,964


      CIP Highlight Department Efficiencies


      Efficient Management of Construction Crew

      Joint Use Agreement LISD on Parks

      Interlocal Agreements with Webb County               $885,000

      Interdepartmental Contracts                                                $145,000

      Grant Funded Projects                                                        $3,809,600

      Contributions from Developers in Lieu of Land                    $498,400


      CIP Highlights Action Plan


      Project Management                                                           $5,950,000

      2007 CIP Bond Projects                                       

      Establish Park Dedication Ordinance                                   $40,000

      Carter Burgess

      Update Master Plan                                                            $75,000

      Continue Chacon/Zacate Creek Development                     $3,300,000

      Go forward with River Vega Development/Salt Cedar

      Pursue Grants, Endowments, and other Financing


      CIP Highlights Ongoing Projects


      1.  Bartlett Extension

      2.  Baseball Complex

      3.  Baseball Stadium Feasibility

      4.  Buenos Aires Community Ctr.

      5.  Century City

      6.  Chacon Trail

      7.  Cigarroa Boxing Gym

      8.  Civic Center Improvements

      9.  Dryden Park

      10.  East Side Recreation Center

      11.  Eastwood Park Phase III

      12.  El Eden Park

      13.  Father McNaboe Phase II


      Project Managers

      Miguel A.  Pescador

      Celina Rivera

      Graciela Briones

      Samuel Hinojosa

      Anita Stanley

      Jessika Silva


      Budget Highlights


      Crew Leader                      1                      R27                  $  30,951.82

      Groundskeepers                 4                      R23                  $105,662.92

      Recreation Specialist Pt      0.5                   R27                  $  11,186.88


       Total Personnel Cost                                                         $147,801.62

       Total Number of FTEs       5.5


      1.  Machinery Equipment for new crew

           F250 4 Door Pick up truck                                $27,000

           Trailer and Work Tools                         $  8,000

      2.  12 CY Dump Truck                                          $87,000

      3.  F 250 4 Door Pick Up Truck (2)                       $48,000

      4.  John Deere Utility Tractor                                  $25,000

      5.  S 900 Trailer Tandem Axle                                $22,900




      Lafaette Hockey Rink

      Albert Ochoa Tennis Courts

      Santa Rita Consession

      Dryden Little League Field


      Walking Trail

      Noon Lions Renovation

      Carrizales Park

      Eastwoods Park


      Recreation Division

      Aquatics Impact

      Description                                                 Attendance

      Classes and Instructional Programs             2,139

      Water Aerobics, Lap Swimming and Learn to Swim

      Fun Swimming                                                        25,991


                                                Daily Attendance


            Civic Center                 120

            Del mar                        55

            Freddy Benavidez         55

            Inner City                     45

            Three Points                 20       

            Thomas                        65


      Recreation Division


     Recreation Centers 2006 Impact


     Cigarroa                  60,800

      Each Hachar           47,255

      Farias                     61,697

      Hillside                   35,512

      Inner City               5,678

      K Tarver                57,183

      Ladrillera                8,820

      Total                      276,945


      Civic Center         2006 Improvement Projects


      Completed Projects


      Replacement of cooling tower                     $57,000

      Replacement of glass doors             $47,000


     Civic Center


      2006 Improvement Projects


      Repair of fire alarm system in ballroom

      Replacement of auditorium roof

      Resurface uneven outside areas

      Remodel auditorium bathrooms

      Repair stage/reinforce structure

      Replace real exit doors

      Estimated Cost of improvements                 $400,000


      Motion to put back funds in the Parks & Recreation Department for future events such as 4th of July celebration and other events previously sponsor by the department.  


     Moved:  Cm.  Landeck

     Second:  Cm.  Chavez

      For:     8                                                     Against:  0                                Abstain:  0


H.  Public Works Department funding and operations.


      Alejandro Labrada, Director, made the presentation.


                  Public Works Department                       Total $107.5   FTE’s


                  Administration                                            2719    .5  FTE

                  Street Construction                         2730      7 FTE

                  Building Rehabilitation                                 2770    14 FTE

                  Special Const. Projects                               9861    16 FTE

                  Street Maintenance                         2720    22 FTE

                  Street Cleaning                                           2740     14 FTE

                  Warehouse                                     2780      2  FTE

                  Creek Cleaning                                          24 FTE           


                  2006-2007 Budget                        $4,983,746


                  Street Clearing                    19%

                  Street Construction 21%

                  Street Maintenance 27%

                  Bldg. Rehab                       14%

                  Administration                    15%

                  Special Constr.                   2%

                  Warehouse             2%


                  Budget Highlights


                  Asphalt has increased $6.75/ton – approx. in four months – 18%

                  3/27/2006              $38.00

                  5/1/2006                $41.00

                  5/8/2006                $42.25

                  6/1/2006                $43.50

                  7/7/2006                $44.00

                  8/1/2006                $44.75


                  Budget Highlights


                  Street Materials                  FY05-06          FY06-07          %Change

                  2720 – Street                     $241,126         $300,000         24%

                  2730 – Street                     $275,000         $400,000         45%


                  Capital Outlay Schedule


                   St. Cleaning           2          Street Sweepers                       $270,000

                   St.  Construction    2          Backhoes                                 $160,000

                                                4          ½ Ton PU Trucks                     $  80,000

                  Creek Cleaning       1          Backhoe 4x4                            $  90,000

                                                1          Trailer for Backhoe                   $  54,000

                                                2          Dump Trucks                           $190,000

                                                1          1 Ton Pu Truck                        $  30,000

                                                1          Gradall Excavator                     $300,000

                                                2          Riding Mowers             $  24,000

                                                1          Pressure Washer                      $  13,000

                  St.  Maintenance     1          Pro-Patcher                              $115,000                           


                  Performance Measures   FY2005-2006


                  Sidewalk Projects                           19

                  Paving Projects                               28

                  Drainage Improvements                  13

                  Curb & Gutter Projects                  04

                  Valley Gutter Projects                     00

                  Misc. Construction             48

                  TOTAL                                          112


                  Performance Measures


                  Street Paving Projects                     87 Blocks

                  Sidewalk Projects                           78 Blocks

                  Storm Drainage Maintenance          1,548

                  Creek maintenance             156 Acres

                  Building Maintenance                      1,044 Work Orders

                  Street Maintenance             12,261 Pot Holes

                  Street Cleaning – Sweepers            18,720/ Miles

                  Right of Way maintenance   101 Miles


                  Projects Completed          2005-2006


                  Taylor Street Sidewalk Project

                  South Ejido Ave. Sidewalk Project

                  Springfield Ave.  Sidewalk Project

                  Rancho Viejo Drive Sidewalk Project

                  2400 Davis Ave.  Sidewalk Project

                  Mann Road Curb and Gutter Project

                  Springfield Ave./ Gustavus St.  Intersection Improvements

                  Springfield/Corpus Christi Intersection Improvement

                  Arkansas/Market Intersection Improvement

                  Springfield/Frost Intersection Improvement

                  7200 Springfield Paving Project

                  Gustavus/Ejido Street Construction Project

                  Calle Del Norte Drainage improvement

                  Unitec Industrial Park Concrete Project

                  Cigarroa Recreation Center Concrete Project

                  Lilia Perez Community Center Concrete Project

                  World Trade Bridge Concrete Project

                  Lafayette Splash Park Parking Lot

                  Lowry Road Drainage Improvement

                  Buena Vista/Ash Drainage Improvements

                  Santa Ursula/Iturbide Concrete Parking Lot


                  Current Project


                  New Construction


                  Upper Zacate Creek Drainage Project Phase I – Drainage Structure at Gale Street

                  CDBG Sidewalks – Project 32 (15 Blocks)

                  CDBG Sidewalks – Project 33 (15 Blocks)

                  Police Department Parking Lot Expansion Phase I

                  Upper Zacate Creek Drainage Project Phase I

                  Drainage Structure at Gale Street

                  W.  Elm Street

                  CDBG Sidewalks – Project 32

                  Police Department Parking Lot Expansion Phase I

                  Current Projects Maintenance

                  2005-2006 Street Resurfacing Project

                  Downtown Sidewalks Repairs

                  -Salinas Ave.  (Farragut Street to Zaragosa Street)

                  Speed Hump Program

                  Sierra vista Blvd./Ceniso Loop Street Resurfacing

                  Salinas Ave.  Downtown Sidewalk Repairs

                  Martinqque Dr.  Speed Humps




                  Daily Operations


                  Street Maintenance Pro-Patcher

                  14420 Maquila Loop Industrial park Maintenance

                  Street Cleaning Sweeper

                  Downtown maintenance

                  Drainage Maintenance

                  Creek maintenance

                  Right of Way Maintenance

                  Building Rehabilitation


                  Working together ….


                  In case of disaster emergency or for special projects, the Department of Public Works has a force of labor and equipment, and along with other department, to serve the needs of the City of Laredo.


                  Motion to add a position (Geografical Information System Analyst) and GIS software for Public Works Department.


                  Moved:  Cm.  Ramirez

                  Second:  Cm.  Garcia

                  For:     8                                         Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0


I.  Traffic Department funding and operations.


     Mission Statement:  To effectively administer the maintenance and operation activities of the Traffic Safety Department ensuring that all traffic safety related citizen concerns are carefully analyzed and addressed in a timely manner and that all                 

     traffic control devices throughout the City are properly maintained to minimize accident risks to vehicles and pedestrians.


      Traffic Safety Department:


      General Fund


      2610          Traffic Administration

      2611          Engineering

      2613          Signals

      2614          Signs

      2622          Markings

      2650          Street Lighting


      Parking Meters Fund


      2620          Parking Meters

      2625          Permits


      Traffic Safety Department


      Major Maintenance Responsibilities:


      Traffic Signals                     247

      School Flashing                  120

      Linear Ft.  Pavement           1.4 M

      Crosswalks and RR X        900

      Traffic signs                        30,000

      Speed Hump Program


     Develop and implement traffic signal timing programs

     Conduct traffic signal and traffic sign studies

     Administer the operation and maintenance of over 10,000 street lights citywide

     Design and implement pavement markings and traffic sign and signal plans

     Review road construction and subdivision plans

     Oversee the Utility


      Major Projects     FY05-06


      Traffic Signals


      District                   Location                                   Project Status

      V                           Loop 20/Airport                       15%

                                    Loop20/Town Center               15%

      VI                          McPherson Rd/San Isidro         15%

      VI                          Del Mar Blvd/Winfield  Design 100% Complete

      V, VI                     Del Mar Blvd./McPherson        15%

      III, IV                    Cedar Ave./Clark                     15%

      III.IV                     Clark Blvd./Seymour                15%

      III, VI                    Clark Blvd/Meadow                 15%


      Upgrades improve traffic flow, reduce delays, and reduce maintenance costs.


      Speed Humps


      Total Locations Studied                                          16

      Total Number of Speed Humps Installed                 26


       ITS – Intelligent Transportation System


      ITS Master Plan for the city of Laredo completed January 2005.

      Request for Qualifications for initial ITS infrastructure deployment received late July 2006 and currently being evaluated.    


      Incorporated six (6) existing traffic signals to the central computer traffic control system.


      Traffic Signal Controller/Cabinet/Pole Upgrades (4 Intersections)


      Bartlett Ave./Corpus Christi Street

      Malinche Ave./Corpus Christi Street

      Meadow Ave. Corpus Christi St.

      Market St./Meadow Ave.


      Construction of new administration building and warehouse facilities for the Traffic Safety Department.


      Proposed Capital Outlay FY06-07


      Computer Software for Utility Coordination Committee                   $7,500

      Mid Size Truck                                                                               $12,000

      Mobile Display Message Sign                                                         $55,500

      Trailer Mounted Bitumen Applicator                                               $26,000


            Total                                                                                        $101,000


      Parking Division


      Enforce all parking ordinances within the CBD.

      Install and maintain 1,000 parking meters.

      Operate and maintain Riverfront Parking Lot, Zaragoza Parking Lot, five (5) parking metered lots, and the Hamilton Parking Lot.


      Collect and process all parking meter and parking lot monies.


      Parking Meters Fund

      Permit Division


      Issue oversize and overload permits.

      Regulate Vehicle-for-Hire operation.


      River Front Parking Lot – (253 Parking Spaces)

      Zaragoza – St.  Maria parking

      Iturbide Street

      Santa Maria Ave.

      Grant Street

      Lincoln Street

      Moctezuma Street

      Parking Lot Facilities Revenue


      FY03-04    $571,586

      FY04-05    $557,954

      FY05-06    $611,570         Budget

      FY05-06    $559,574         Estimated

      FY06-07    $611,570         Proposed


      Parking Fine Revenues Actual


      FY03-04    $250,357

      FY04-05    $281,288

      FY05-06    $249,301

      FY05-06    $335,000

      FY06-07    $433,804


      Parking Find Revenues Actual


      FY03-04    $250,357

      FY04-05    $281,288

      FY05-06    $249,301

      FY05-06    $335,000

      FY06-07    $433,804        


      Parking Meter Collection


      FY03-04    $595,203

      FY04-05    $582,269

      FY05-06    $600,000

      FY05-06    $608,588

      FY06-07    $606,000


      Oversize Permits Revenues


      FY03-04    $151,805

      FY04-05    $161,080

      FY05-06    $155,000

      FY05-06    $170,496

      FY06-07    $166,291


      Overload Permits Revenues


      FY03-04    $163,681

      FY04-05    $175,545

      FY05-06    $165,000

      FY05-06    $249,287

      FY06-07    $251,782


      Proposed Capital Outlay FY06-07


      Computer Hardware for Riverfront & $40,000 Zaragoza Parking Log

      Administrative Mid Size Car $18,000

      Restructure Riverfront Parking Lot $250,000

      Phase 2 of Zaragoza/St. Maria Parking Lot  $240,000

      Total $548,000


J.  Solid Waste Services Department funding and operations.


K.  Fire Department funding and operations.


Adjourn for day two.


Moved:  Cm.  Belmares

Second:  Cm.  Amaya

For:     7                                               Against:  0                                            Abstain:  0