AUGUST 5, 1998
                              5:00 P.M.



      With a quorum present Mayor Elizabeth G. Flores called the
      meeting to order.


      Mayor Elizabeth G. Flores led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


      Elizabeth G. Flores,         Mayor
      Alfredo Agredano,            Councilmember, District I
      Louis H. Bruni,              Councilmember, District II
      John C. Galo,                Councilmember, District III
      Cecilia May Moreno,          Councilmember, District IV
      Eliseo Valdez, Jr.,          Councilmember, District V
      Joe A. Guerra,               Councilmember, District VI
      Mario G. Alvarado,           Councilmember, District VII
      Consuelo "Chelo" Montalvo,   Councilmember. District VIII


      Motion to excuse Cm. Galo and Cm. Guerra

      Moved : Cm. Alvarado
      Second: Cm. Valdez
      For:  6                 Against: 0          Abstain: 0


      A. Application Process

      Janice Weber, Library Director, gave a brief description of
      the application process for third party funding from the City
      of Laredo.  Mrs. Weber stated that a letter had been mailed
      out on Wednesday, April 29, 1998, which notified each agency
      that applications were ready to be picked up and that the
      deadline for the application would be Monday, June 1st,
      most of the agencies met the deadline.

      A second letter was mailed to advise them of a meeting that
      was set for Wednesday, August 5, 1998, for agencies to make
      their presentations.  They were also notified that Florencio
      Pena, City Manager, was recommending that all agencies
      receive the same amount that had been granted the year

      B. Agency Presentations

      Agency & Representative               Request        Proposed

      Laredo Crime Stoppers, Inc.          $ 25,000        $  7,500
      Carolyn Leyendecker

      American Red Cross                      6,675           6,675
      Michael O'Barr

      Laredo Children's Museum               50,000          40,000
      Elizabeth Ryan

      Literacy Volunteers of America         10,000           7,500
      William Wisner

      Ruthe B. Cowl Rehab Center            100,000          75,000
      Javier Ramirez

      Boys' & Girls' Club of Laredo         125,000          99,475
      Salo Otero

      L.I.S.D. Campus Crime Stoppers          5,000             -0-
      Estela Quintanilla

      Society of Martha Washington           10,000           4,500
      Libbie Casso

      Washington's Birthday Cele. Assoc.      46,000            -0-
      Sabas Zapata, III

      Webb County Children's Int'l Ad. Ctr.   65,000            -0-
      Sylvia E. Gutierrez

      LCC Guitar Ensemble                      5,215          5,215
      Gilberto Soto

      LCC Civic Symphony                      19,000         12,600
      Jose Compean

      LCC Dance Theater                        5,000          5,000
      Danuta Gazdyszyn

      LCC Ballet Folklorico                    5,000          5,000
      Perla Diaz-Garcia

      LCC Dance Performance Troupe             5,000          5,000
      Dr. Nora Garza, Ph.D.

      Laredo\Webb County Food Bank            37,000         28,050
      Elton Gaskey

      Laredo\Webb N.H.S.                      40,000         15,000
      Angelo Piccirillo

      TX A&M Int'l University Dance Troupe     5,000            -0-
      Bede Leyendecker

      Laredo Center For The Arts             144,350        131,360
      Erika Garcia Benavides

      Webb County Heritage Foundation         37,590         27,390
      Margarita Araiza

      Los Caminos del Rio                     15,000         10,000
      Sharon Cruz

      Communities In School                   25,000         12,500
      Jose Luis Gutierrez

      Bethany House                           18,000         12,000
      Barbara Kazen

      L.I.F.E.                                60,000            -0-
      Humberto Trevino

      Paisano Girl Scout Council              38,780         10,000
      Beth Bragg

      Avance, Inc.                            15,000            -0-
      Sylvia Bruni

      B.E.S.T.\Time Bank                      25,000         14,063
      Tammy Bush

      Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra           50,000         37,000
      Terry Palacios

      Lifeline of Laredo, Inc.                13,000          9,000
      Javier Santos

      Laredo League for Family Fun            10,000            -0-
      Debra Sherwood

      San Agustin Historic Preservation       20,000         20,000
      John Hickey

      Laredo Little Theater                   22,320         11,839
      Adalberto Chavarria

      Cm. Alvarado asked staff if part of the application process
      included a request for audited financial statements from
      these agencies?

      Janice Weber, Library Director, stated that it was part of
      the application to include an audited financial statement.

      Cm. Alvarado then continued to express his concern by stating
      that it is beneficial for the viewing public to know that we
      do require some type of accountability from these agencies.
      He added that he had previously requested that staff
      establish some type of formula to follow in granting an
      agency based on a percentage of their expenses; furthermore,
      that he would like to see the formula in place for next
      year's allocation of funds.

      Mayor Flores thanked everyone for their presentations and
      their time.

      Motion to adjourn.

      Moved : Cm. Alvarado
      Second: Cm. Valdez
      For:  6                 Against: 0          Abstain: 0

      Adjournment time: 7:47 P.M.

      I hereby certify that the above minutes contained in pages 01
      to 04 are true, complete, and correct proceedings of the
      1998-99 Workshop on Aid to Other Agencies held on the 5th day
      of August, 1998.
                                    Gustavo Guevara, Jr.
                                      City Secretary