Announcement for Laredo Livability Workshop to be held 8-20-2015
2016 UPWP - 20 day Comment Period
2015-2018 TIP - 10 day Comment Period

About the MPO - Provides information on the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) itself, including a listing of the Laredo Urban Transportation Study (LUTS) Technical Committee, and the MPO Policy Committee. MPO Policy meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month at City Council Chambers at City Hall. If the scheduled meeting falls on a national holiday, it will be held the next business day.

Agendas - Provides agendas for upcoming MPO Policy Committee Meetings

Boundaries (MPO) - Provides a map that identifies the area located within the MPO boundary lines.

Bylaws - Provides information on the bylaws of the Laredo Urban Transportation Study which include the definitions, purpose, and the authority.

Congestion Management Process - is a systematic and regionally accepted approach for managing congestion.

List of Federally Funded Projects - Provides a list of federally funded highway and transit projects that have reached the construction phase during that fiscal year.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan [MTP] - The MTP is a 25 year, long range plan and the basic framework for all the MPO's transportation planning. The MTP is a guide used to plan future mobility needs in the MPO study area and the expenditure of federal, state, and local funds that become available for these projects. The current plan, Laredo MPO Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2005- 2030 , programs approximately $2.82 billion worth of highway and transit imrovements through 2030.

Public Participation Plan- Provides information on the public involvement process and requirements adhered to by the MPO.

Request for Proposal - This page provides information on requests for proposals by the MPO.

Studies & Publications - Here you will find various documents, studies, and publications relating to our MPO.

Texas Urban Mobility Plan [TUMP] - The state required planning document which serves as a framework for identifying unmet transportation need in the urban areas.

Transportation Improvement Plan [TIP] - The TIP is a three year financially constrained list of transportation projects that have been approved for federal and state funding by the MPO  Transportation Policy Board and is updated every two years and amended quarterly. The current TIP covers FY 2008 to FY2011 projects that will let over the next three years.

Unified Planning Work Program[UPWP] - The UPWP outlines the MPO's work products for the State Fiscal Year (Oct 1 - Sept 30). The UPWP identifies tasks which are to be accopmlished during the fiscal year and presents the budget to accomplish those tasks. The MPO's UPWP can therefore be viewed as the MPO operating budget for the given fiscal year.