Re-Initiate Tire Remediation Program


Enact legislation to impose a "deposit fee" for the purchase of tires if the consumer does not leave the old, used or scrap tire with the purchase of new or used tires. This will assist local communities through Texas to reduce illegal dumping and accumulation of tires that can serve as breeding ground for vectors especially mosquitoes that can also be a source of disease for Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever and now Chikungunya Virus.


The importance of proper tire disposal cannot be overstated in that it is not just an environmental and sanitation issue, but also a very critical, serious public health threat. Abandoned tires that hold stagnant water serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other vectors that pose a widespread public health threat for disease such as Dengue, West Nile and the new Chikungunya Virus and other vector borne diseases. In Laredo, we have enacted a new amendment to our Tire Ordinance that will impose a deposit (core fee) when the consumer purchases new or used tires if the consumer does not leave the old, used or scrap tire in exchange. The retailer can charge up to a five dollar ($5) fee for the appropriate approved tire disposal and; in addition, if the old/scrap/used tire is not left at the time of purchase, the retailer can charge a core fee (Laredo's fee $10), but has up to seven (7) days to return a tire. This legislation, if enacted at the state level, can further assist communities to further create consciousness on tire remediation to reduce environmental challenges and reduce health risks to vectorborne disease.


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