World Trade Bridge Fast Lane Additional bridge lanes Additional Exit Booths "Weigh-in Motion" System


The City of Laredo seeks continued legislative and Texas Department of Transportation support for the development and construction of a Fast Lane, 8 additional bridges lanes for a total of eight northbound and eight south bound lanes, additional exit booths and a northbound “weigh in motion” system exit. 


With the continued surge in international trade the City is undertaking several projects to increase the efficiency of the operations and mobility at the World Trade Bridge.  Approximately 20% of the north bound commercial traffic on World Trade Bridge is comprised of trucks with empty containers and another ±20% is comprised of pre-screened and approved loaded trucks.  These commercial vehicles normally mix with loaded commercial trucks that are undergoing inspection at the bridge creating a bottleneck.  The FASTLANE project will divert these empty trucks and pre-screened trucks to a separate lane which allows them to go through the bridge system without delay.  

The Weigh in Motion System is another improvement that will allow the City to implement the overweight corridor.  As trucks leave the bridge they will be weighed, without stopping, and those that are overweight will be automatically permitted and charged.  This will allow greater flexibility for transportation companies and speed the delivery of goods.  The addition of 4 exit booths on the northbound side of the bridge will also decrease wait times and promote faster bridge crossing.

Finally, the third and most intense improvement will be to add additionally lanes to the existing bridge.  Currently there are four north and four southbound lanes.  The City will seek a Presidential Permit amendment to allow the construction of an additional four northbound lanes and four southbound lanes.  This will bring the total number of lanes to 16 (8 northbound lanes and 8 southbound lanes). 



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