Animal Control

AC Response
Rabies Prevention
Zoonotic Disease Prevention 
Total Response for 2014: 13,333
Total Response for 2015: 15,193
Types of Response
Bees, bites, strays, injured, surrender of pets by owners, traps, wildlife, permits, inspections (litters, zoos, circus, rodeos, school agricultural projects, neglect, abuse (prosecution has increased), vector control, bats, tick and flea infestations (typhus, rocky mountain spotted fever), court testimony and educational presentations.

  • All Animal Control Officers are trained and certified by an approved state program.
    • All Officers must pass a test to be granted certification as an ACO I.
    • All Officers must maintain 32 hours of continuing education over a 3 year period to maintain their certification.
  • All are required to take advanced training and certification.
    • Euthanasia,  shelter care, infection control, vector control, rabies prevention,  pet handling,  flea and tick prevention 

Procedures and Goals

  • All pets are chipped, vaccinated against rabies, and spayed or neutered by the veterinarian to be ready for adoption.
  • Monthly rabies clinics are held at the ACF where, on average, 75-125 pets  are vaccinated
  • Provide professional, humane and responsible impoundment, shelter care and rabies observation and quarantine of pets
  • Strict rabies prevention
  • Strict infection control
  • Strict training to provide best care and pet handling
  • Continue and expand SN services
  • Continue work with local veterinarians to provide consultant care and SN services
  • Promote pet responsibility and enforce rabies prevent
  • Enhance education of the public on current ordinances and rules
  • Educate public on pet responsibility
  • Launch “Your ACO Cares” campaign to highlight working together for pet safety and promote adoption
  • Continue working with humane groups on pet adoption, foster care and SN services
  • Continue to recruit Veterinarians
  • Assess continuous quality improvement    


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