Dr. Hector F. Gonzalez is the director of the City of Laredo Health Department. He has over thirty-five (35) years experience in public Health and healthcare and is committed and determined to insuring the protection, wellbeing, disease control and healthcare access in Laredo/Webb and along the US/Mexico Border as well to improve the quality of life.  

Dr. Gonzalez has a medical degree from Mexico and a master's degree in Public Health with emphasis on administration, education and environmental epidemiology from the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston at San Antonio.

Before coming to the City of Laredo Health Department, Dr. Gonzalez worked for Vida Y Salud Health Systems in Crystal City, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District's, Texas Department of Health and the Center for Health Policy Development.

Dr. Gonzalez has been appointed to various committees and advisory groups and currently serves on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Local  Government Advisory Committee (LGAC) and Chairs the Environmental Justice Workgroup,  University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Presidents Advisory Committee, Texas AM International Nursing School Advisory Board and is the City of Laredo Liaison to the Mayors Blue Ribbon Committee for People with Disabilities  

Dr. Gonzalez has also published several articles and books; among the most important are the "Physicians Guide to Pesticide Health Hazards management" “Cumulative Risks and Health impacts”, “Indigent Care Along the Texas/Mexico Border”, “Binational Public Health Services”  and "Medical Cultural Competency in the 21st :Century".