About us


When it comes to ensuring quality of life and living a healthy, happy, and productive life, prevention, wellness,disease control, and education are critical key foundations. Public health sets the standard and is perhaps the most readily available and low-cost health source for any community. There is no doubt that it works; the evidence is everywhere - with every clean glass of water served straight from the tap, with every bacteria-free meal enjoyed at the local food establishments and with every smiling child that survives their childhood years to become healthy productive adults.

As the gateway city, Laredo is booming in population growth, thriving in international business and working hard to secure the health of its citizens through affordable, community-based public health services. The City of Laredo Health Department is responding by providing a comprehensive program of services for the residents of Webb County. Our goal is to ensure that every resident of Webb County has the opportunity to live a healthy, disease-free, quality of life by ensuring the conditions necessary for a healthful living.

The Health Department is Laredo’s fourth-largest department and one that plays a vital role in the health of hundreds of thousands of people in this community. With nearly 200 employees and a $9.3 million annual budget, the City of Laredo Health Department directly serves more than 100,000 people annually, while indirectly serving every resident and visitor to the county. The department has a long history of meeting the public health needs of the residents of Laredo, Webb County, other surrounding South Texas counties and also lending preventative healthcare support to our sister city of Nuevo Laredo.