Laredo Independent School District
Number of High Schools:3
Number of Classrooms:300
Number of Administrative Personnel:15
Number of Teachers:383
Number of Students:6,356
Annual Budget:$19,237,085
Number of Middle Schools:4
Number of Classrooms:253
Number of Administrative Personnel:15
Number of Students:4,818
Annual Budget:$14,915,112
Number of Elementary Schools:21
Number of Classrooms:696
Number of Administrative Personnel:44
Number of Teachers:625
Number of Students:12,284
Annual Budget:$33,378,844

United Independent School District
Number of High Schools:3
Number of Classrooms:204
Number of Administrative Personnel:42
Number of Teachers:328
Number of Students:4,584
Annual Budget:$19,076,043
Number of Middle Schools:5
Number of Classrooms:223
Number of Administrative Personnel:37
Number of Students:4,064
Annual Budget:$14,020,170
Number of Elementary Schools:16
Number of Classrooms:245
Number of Administrative Personnel:91
Number of Teachers:657
Number of Students:11,013
Annual Budget:$31,662,204

Private Schools
Number of Schools:6
Number of Non-Parochial Schools:13
Vocational Training Centers:7

Texas A&M International University
Date Established: Established in 1970 as a division of Texas A&I and as a University in 1977 as a division of the Univeristy System of South Texas. The Univesity became a member of the Texas A&M System on September 1, 1989.
Programs Offered:Undergraduate & Graduate degrees offered by the Colleges of Business Administration, Education, Arts & Humanities, and Science & Technology.
Population served:Undergraduate/Graduate level college students seeking liberal arts/education/psychology, business/international trade, and science & technology degrees.
Region Served:South Texas Region
Number of Classrooms/Labs: Classrooms 56, Labs 6, Special Labs 24
Number of Administrators: 87
Number of Full-Time Faculty: 139
Number of Part-Time Faculty: 53
Total Number of Students: 3,332 (Undergraduate - 2,588) (Graduate - 744)
Number of Full-Time Students: 1,709
Number of Part-Time Students:1,623
Other interesting facts from the Spring Class, 2002:

* Among the most popular undergraduate degrees are criminal justice, accounting, nursing, biology and computer information systems.

* The College of Arts and Humanities has the highest enrollment as assigned to declared major, with 1138 students. The College of Business Adminstration is second iwth 964 students.

* The average overall student age is 26.6, with undergradutates averaging 24.9 years of age and graduates 32.4.

* The University's oldest student is 76 and its youngest is 15.

* 62.5% of the campus' enrollment is female, 37.5% is male.

* 90.5% of students are minorities, including Hispanic, African American and Asian students.

* 70% of students receive financial aid including scholarships, loans and work-study.

* 15% of graduate students are internatinal students and 2.6% of undergraduate students are international students and 2.6% of undergraduate students are international.

* The University's fastest growing undergraduate program is Biology.

* 45% of graduate students also hold undergraduate degrees from A&M International.

Laredo Community College
Date Founded:1947
Programs Offered:Two years of Pre-Professional courses in Engineering, Education, medicine, dentistry, nursing, law, business administration, computer science, and vocations leading to Associate of Arts Diploma
Number of Classrooms/Labs:143
Total Gross Square Footage:523,795 Sq. Ft.
Number of Administrators:61
Number of Full-Time Faculty:172
Number of Part-Time Faculty:141
Number of Classified Staff196
Number of Full-Time Students:2,764
Number of Part-Time Students:4,166
Counties Served:Webb, Jim Hogg, and Zapata